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C is for Cookie

1GB USB earring

simmo: nother pic

Why (some) SATA drives make fucked RAID drives

simmo: this is about a problem with the drives under RAID, not with the SATA protocol
simmo: WD solution is called TLER Time Limited Error Recovery == drive not fuck around endlessly trying to recover information that is already redundant under the RAID
simmo: seems a feature that shoulda been built into "SMART" from the start ...
simmo: fileunder "but why do these SCSI disks cost so much?"
simmo: anything that can actually improve its error rate by spending X+ seconds faffing about should never be anywhere near a server to begin with
simmo: see also adaptec kb article will WD drives ending with -JD work in a RAID array?
simmo: ya. so I guess this new WD-specific 'feature' is a correction for a WD-specific problem ..

Sexy pop-up menus using only CSS (with small hacks needed for IE)

simmo: <leer>
simmo: viewable in lynx and other text-mode browsers as a list
simmo: which is what makes the CSS rock so hard
simmo: Oh yes.


900,000 compromised machines and rising faster and faster

simmo: still only 10 targets .. wtf is it?
simmo: see also http://www.sans.org/whatworks/

MSIE 'Sploit du Jour



est: "i will give uid0 accurate! i will give uid0 accurate! ..."



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