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Tin foil hat playstation controller

simmo: prevents RSI

Apple invents brand new display specifically designed for watching their classic '1984' advert

simmo: keywords: soft, breast-shaped sensing device


simmo: hitting on only two sites that report stats, but hitting 4x as much traffic as port 445 gets across 50,000 sites
simmo: up from zero on Tuesday
simmo: from 300,000 infected? machines
simmo: if the date on the map is right, the map is two days old
simmo: number of source nodes nearly doubled since then .. six hours hitting on 500,000 now
simmo: targets also doulbed .. now 4.
simmo: Maybe it's this recent Windows COM remote exploit which got updated around the time of the second hill on that graph
simmo: <microsoft> yay more free publicity!

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