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huslage: Whale thanks digers




Bush and Hussein together in bed, giving : H : E : A : D : HEAD


ID'ing digicams from the pics they took

simmo: 100% success matching photos from 9 cams to their parent
simmo: 2700 photos
simmo: 100%

Slashdot on slashdotting from work

Draft EU anti-piracy law targets commercial pirates

FOX News radiohost to succeed Scott "Useful Tool" McClellan as White House spokesperson.

simmo: In other news, Bugs Bunny for President

That's not an STD Johnny, It's XOR based p2p!

scone_of_stone: even if it is an STD, it has a beautiful graph of uptime vs probability of going offline within an hour
scone_of_stone: From data collected by Stefan Saroiu, P. Krishna Gummadi, and Steven D. Gribble for A Measurement Study of Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Systems
scone_of_stone: more papers by Gummadi et al here

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