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"It's immoral, but the money makes it right."



Isn't it nice when everything is COMPLETELY OUTCLASSED BY THE JAPANESE.

rik: bunch of short Rube-Goldberg machines, like the Honda advert. Some are pretty impressive!
rik: check out the ones where the track gets rebuilt as it goes along, by the machine!

SFS is cool

coderman: just needs to be integrated into useful things as infrastructure

Cool toy of the day.

rik: Click scan, and it enumerates the wireless networks it can see. You can then scroll through them, and it will tell you ehether it's A, B or G, open, WEP, WPA or WPA2
rik: AND, it's a USB wireless adapter, for when you deicde to connect.
rik: AND, it's got an on board Li-ion battery, charged form the USB port, so you don't need to change batteries ever.


Oliver: Don't do drugs kids, you might end up with a nailing headache!

PlusNET now upto 10gb before capping speed on thier previously unmetered product

Oliver: Oliber RAGE!

Apple Needs to Make OS X Open Source

synackle_: John Dvorak needs to make his thoughts and comments justifiable
simmo: selling it shrink-wrapped won't help either. then they'll spend a lot of time striving for broad hardware compatibility, and end up like microsoft selling a third-rate OS and some branded keyboards.
simmo: and the OS rep will suffer for every dodgey MIS mainboard some geek kid tries to get it to run stabley on

Thought crime in the new DMCA

simmo: o/' young man .. there's no need to feel down
simmo: I vote in favour of this shit. then we can confiscate all the state's computers as piracy tools, and go back to living in the trees and fishing
simmo: "piracy" now major terror organising force
simmo: according to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales
simmo: this is a proposed bill at this stage, but the article gives insite into the mindset of the hydrocephalic

Colombian single board computer

simmo: using only two layer PCB
simmo: for a Doctoral thesis. Maybe the schematics are avialable?

McNealy steps down after 22 yrs as Sun CEO

Tongue sight


simmo: ... any given day of the year, somewhere. and they taught you in school this only ever happens in russia, 1917
fridge: Apparently, this is a chinese anti-terror drill
fridge: The Chinese government might want to do some efficacy studies regarding their techniques


simmo: see also
simmo: more
simmo: more
simmo: BBC report with map
fridge: Indymedia setting the facts straight
fridge: "[...] the real objective of this "police operation" is not to bring security to the lives of ordinary Solomon Islanders, but to make the Solomons safe for Australian investors to exploit the islanders' labour and their natural resources."

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