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San Diego "mystery boom" still a huge mystery.


Today's most useful mispaste.

Biodiesel production on the farm also could reduce distribution costs by eliminating the need for tanker truck fuel delivery

simmo: device - about the size of a credit card - pumps vegetable oil and alcohol through tiny parallel channels, each smaller than a human hair, to convert the oil into biodiesel almost instantly
simmo: portable and "about 100 times faster than the classical method"
simmo: more: http://www.biodieselblog.com/

Israeli court: Israel has no jurisdiction over Palestinian Authority

simmo: that's no jurisdiction
simmo: heh .. cites wikipedia for evidence of longstanding controversy :D
simmo: <devil's advocate> heh wikipedia could be used to show longstanding controversy about cupcakes </da>

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simmo: why the fuck this doesn't come up when I add 'k-mart' to my search is anyone's guess.
simmo: K-fucking-mart. Do they sell anything else?
simmo: Appliance timer. You know, like you buy at k-mart?
simmo: not fucking ebay. Who shops for appliance timers from people they never met with 1 week lag for delivery and an international money order that costs more than the fucking timer?
simmo: "vintage, sealed" .. in fucking canada .. and the page isn't even there now. thanks google.
Oliver: Simmo RAGE!
simmo: seriously, ima start a death metal band over this thing.
simmo: timersarewe

N.Y. county throws cold water on hot spots

kp^: Westchester County, N.Y., has enacted what may be the first law in the nation requiring Internet cafes and other similar commercial entities to secure their wireless networks to prevent identity theft and other computer fraud.
kp^: "The law, which goes into effect 180 days from today, requires commercial businesses that store, use or maintain personal information electronically – such as a retail store that uses a wireless network to process credit card transactions – to take minimum security measures. County officials said the measures could be as simple as installing a network firewall, changing the system’s default service set identifier (SSID), or disabling SSI

box lessons : more good css layout tricks

simmo: secssy

good css layouts without tables


holy freaking shit


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