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red albo




Pimp My Snack.

rik: Regular chocolate bars... remade at home... BUT BIGGER!

Bush. Come out with your hands up. We have you surrounded.


Fuck you all, courtesy, Stone Roses

USA Patronism Act

scone_of_stone_roses: get one upya!
scone_of_stone_roses: Yes, we care.

Prison Visitor Allegedly Uses Vagina To Smuggle Live Grenade

coderman: "A Salvadoran woman is in some trouble after she allegedly tried to smuggle into the country's main prison a military grenade and marijuana hidden in her vagina. The cylinder was about 10 inches long and 4 inches wide. Police who inspected the M-67 grenade said it was in working condition"
coderman: that's how my friend hid the blunt when we got arrested in augusta. course, she smoked it on the ride back while we were locked in the clank. bitch!
cryptomail: Vagsmugglr
Zerodhero: Vagina: The awesome new storage device. Everything from illegal substances to millitary hardware to pleasure devices. It can be yours now for only 20 easy monthly payments of $5995.00

hump hump

Bush declares war on the Press

scone_of_stone: liberation
scone_of_stone_roses: "Bush recently directed Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to use 'whatever means at your disposal'". Is it just me or does anyone else find rude connotations every time they hear 'Bush'?
scone_of_stone_roses: "Bush declares: 'we will eat cupcakes'"
scone_of_stone_roses: yay!
scone_of_stone_roses: "Oh, and there's some cider, if you want some!" Yay Bush!
scone_of_stone_roses: does anyone know the emoticon for hello kitty?
scone_of_stone_roses: OH FUCK. CIVILISATION JUST ENDED.


Zerodhero: New security measures for Myspace


Zerodhero: sell you home movies on Itunes for $1.99


scone_of_stone: what a dud skank!
scone_of_stone: does this guy really pwn n00bs or what?
scone_of_stone: why doesn''t it update .. oh refresh

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