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Robot Birth Simulator Gaining Popularity

coderman: "The full-sized, blond, pale mannequin is in demand because medicine is apidly abandoning centuries-old training methods that use patients as guinea pigs, turning instead to high-tech simulations. It's better to make a mistake on a $20,000 robot than a live patient."
coderman: "sex toy retailer realdoll incorporated has indicated they will be adding a line of "knocked up" dolls to their sex toy collection."
Ash: lies, it is way better to use real people to make mistakes on
coderman: "Noelle models range from a $3,200 basic version to a $20,000 computerized Noelle that best approximates a live birth."
coderman: "She can be programmed for a variety of complications and for cervix dilation. She can labor for hours and produce a breach baby or unexpectedly give birth in a matter of minutes."
coderman: "The computerized mannequins emit realistic pulse rates and can urinate and breathe." -- OH MY GOD, SHE PEED IN MY EYE!?!!? AUGGGH


Man attacked by ciggarette

Oracle bid for Novell will put a rocket under Suse Linux

Mutiny: When blackholes collide... Do their insurance premiums go up?

Simulation Breakthrough: When Black Holes Collide

coderman: "These mergers are by far the most powerful events occurring in the universe, with each one generating more energy than all of the stars in the universe combined. Now we have realistic simulations to guide gravitational wave detectors coming online,"
coderman: local area man says love is still the strongest force in the universe


In a decade, the Net will dig deeper into our lives.

coderman: dude, that movie sucked!

Thousand layer lasagne



Zerodhero: More RIAA idocity


uid0: read the disclaimer about it being fiction

You want some butter?


goto for Python

coderman: "You can use a computed goto by assigning the name of the label to a variable at runtime and referencing it using an asterisk" - LOL, nice

Iran leader threatens to punish 'aggressors'

coderman: <Mahmoud Ahmadinejad> let's get this armageddon started! woo hoo!


C-Keen: yet another "first" multiplatform virus


scone_of_stone: "A man of wealth and taste."
scone_of_stone: see also:
scone_of_stone: Cab Calloway


Marijuana: Nevada Initiative Faces Uphill Battle, Poll Says

kp: "The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported Tuesday that an initiative that would allow adult Nevadans to possess up to an ounce of marijuana without fear of criminal penalty is not finding strong voter support. But the Committee to Regulate and Control Marijuana, the group backing the initiative, said the poll findings didn't match its own internal polls."

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