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fuck taxes

Triple-DES Upgrade Adding Insecurities?

coderman: "Basically, at the same time they're upgrading their encryption to triple-DES, they're also moving the communications links from dedicated lines to the Internet. And while the protocol encrypts PINs, it doesn't encrypt any of the other information, such as card numbers and expiration dates." -- LOLZ

Before 'I Do'... Don't Do This

coderman: that is, don't be a fucking retard and join accounts and assets before marriage without clear legal ownership applied to whatever you want to keep if you break up
coderman: "I have a friend on the East Coast, for instance, who recently left her longtime boyfriend. She was living with him in an apartment he owned. Through the years they were together, however, part of her income helped pay his mortgage." - OOPS!
coderman: "Anticipating marriage, they joined their individual checking accounts into a single checkbook two years ago. They applied for a joint credit card and opened a joint savings account." -- OOPS x 2!
coderman: "I have no way to prove anything's really mine and no way to reconstruct our finances. This is really a painful mistake." -- indeed!
rovar: Some states, (like WA for instance) treat the assets and accounts as joint if they have been together for at least 7 years, whether married or not.
coderman: yes, this is called common law married, and in other states its as few as three years cohabitation

Rootkit numbers rocketing up

When an Algorithm Takes the Wheel

coderman: good code drives better than humans
coderman: "During a half-mile straightaway next to a stretch of sandy beach and dunes during my test drive, I quickly raced up through the gears manually in sport mode to high speeds I will not disclose." - lol

High performance electric race car

coderman: wow, fucking nutz
coderman: 0-60 ~ 3.0 seconds
coderman: Standing quarter mile ~11.5 seconds
coderman: Top speed 112mph (limited)
coderman: Energy consumption 200 WHr/mile in urban use, equivalent to 170 mpg

OCaml and Emily In a Walnut

Click fraud looms over Google, Yahoo

Free Space Optics

Oracle confirms Ellison has sights on Novell, SUSE Linux

benny benassi - who's your daddy ? :: A tribute to cult porn movies of the '70s

coderman: i bet they aren't using this one for a wendy's commercial


coderman: sounds good to me. except for the slow ass jabba -> E -> desktop part.

"it boils down to this: We need secure computers and secure operating systems even more than we need secure transmission."

stop chumping, scone_of_stone

Oliver: fear!

Schneier - more on the AT&T/NSA hackosaurus

scone_of_stone: I bet they outsource parsing the logdumps to a bunch of indians or mexicans .. or romanians or russians :D
scone_of_stone: "for security purposes" .. can't have the citizenry parsing their own logfiles now, can we?
scone_of_stone: "TOR is nice and all, but a chunk of the usefulness is predicated on the idea that the entire TOR network can't be monitored all at once."
scone_of_stone: heh Narus == israel
scone_of_stone: How about a list of people GW hasn't been spying on?
coderman: dude, the cypherpunks list hashed this all out months ago.

EFF white paper: Unintended Consequences, Seven Years under the DMCA. Frankly astonishing.

scone_of_stone: chilling: "Security researchers had sought a DMCA exemption in 2003 in order to facilitate research on dangerous DRM systems like the Sony-BMG rootkit, but their request was denied by the U.S. Copyright Office."
scone_of_stone: how the world has been bullied into being bullied
scone_of_stone: "DMCA has been used to block aftermarket competition in laser printer toner cartridges, garage door openers, and computer maintenance services. Apple Computer invoked the DMCA to chill Real Networks' efforts to sell music downloads to iPod owners. Videogame hobbyists have been sued for trying to improve or extend the capabilities of their favorite game titles. Sony has threatened hobbyists for creating software that enables Sony's
scone_of_stone: "Aibo robot dog to dance, and has sued to block software that allows gamers to play their PlayStation games on PCs."
scone_of_stone: Apple responded by accusing Real of adopting the "tactics and ethics of a hacker". Real+++!
scone_of_stone: God Bless the Lawyers.
scone_of_stone: still think stallman is crazy to ban DRM from GPL3?
scone_of_stone: porno music plays
scone_of_stone: "Stallman says that the if you accept the proposition that 'open source' is good because it results in more powerful and reliable software, this makes 'open source DRM' worse than proprietary DRM."
scone_of_stone: (ponders) ... i wonder if people can be imprisoned for redistributing open source DRM ...

50th anniversary of world's first commercial VCR

scone_of_stone: VTR actually ..

Proprietry software vendor mungs host lookup bypassing */etc/hosts file lookup for 'certain' urls

scone_of_stone: making all-but-impossible to block phone-home unless perhaps you are a firewall admin as your day job and can be arsed

James is my fren. aka "Extra weight"

scone_of_stone: Guardian article re: http://www.wikitruth.info
scone_of_stone: "hazy information"
scone_of_stone: I said you said she said, but none of us really know.
scone_of_stone: tentatively proposes some kinda crazy scheme where authors get paid for writing articles (yes I know!)
scone_of_stone: oh. it's by andrew orlowski.
scone_of_stone: "If you'd like to comment on any aspect of Technology Guardian," just put it in teh chump.

MySQL counterstrike against Oracle: buys SolidDB for GPL release

scone_of_stone: Solid
scone_of_stone: Solid "had been looking for a way into the broader enterprise market for some time, and sees open source as a 'go to market' opportunity."
scone_of_stone: "On the side we have a proprietary line of products."
scone_of_stone: brings transactional db to MySQL

Portland gets free access WiFi net

I was a teenage slashdot troll

Sex On Menu At Hooters?

coderman: "a trainer named Cat told waitresses that they were "the ones with the pussys and you are in control because of that." Then she reportedly added, "If you need the extra money, go ahead and suck a dick or fuck a customer if the money is right."
coderman: lolz

Catch a fire.


Linux Security approaches / implementations

scone_of_stone: cf ugo rwxt

PF_KEY Sockets in OSuX

coderman: nice!

Virtualisation technologies .. links to benchmarks but not one for parallels

scone_of_stone: interview with the parallels folk
scone_of_stone: but not benchmark
scone_of_stone: notice the vmware filesystem benchmark is faster than native. this is how badly microsoft do filesystem caching.
coderman: notice aggressive caching and pre-loading are what i love about feedbackfs, when you profile the behavior of a filesystem you can optimize along anticipatory / reputable axis
scone_of_stone: I can't see how parallels can beat vmware, since the vmware player is free. all industry users will go for vmware still, even if parallels eats it in performance (which i doubt)
scone_of_stone: and small users just reuse the vmware eval license
scone_of_stone: ISN'T IT IRONIC, Don't you think .. that the one microsoft-funded, open source hypervisor technology is the one that can't run m$ OS?
scone_of_stone: non-M$ funded open source virtualisors can, non-M$ funded closed source virtualisors can ..
scone_of_stone: apply for microsoft funding for your open source project today.
scone_of_stone: let us be the stick in your spokes.
scone_of_stone: the feature will arrive when hw level virtualisation makes it impossible for M$ to thwart any longer.
scone_of_stone: or at least, that's my theory.
scone_of_stone: disclaimer.com


coderman: "I eschew all so-called personal development, instead dying under the premise that, when I'm a biodegrading mess of worm feed hopelessly buried beneath a fathom of dark earth, being able to type 70 words a minute really won't do me a modicum of what you so ignorantly refer to as "good."
coderman: funny, but really, nihilists are so misunderstood
coderman: also, most so called nihilists are not
Mutiny_: Nihilists! Fuck me. I mean, say what you like about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it's an ethos.
Mutiny_: Ve vant ze money, Lebowski.

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