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IRC moms done nightly!

Changes in gcc/g++ 4.0

coderman: eh, not much for c++ here. just minor improvements.
coderman: seems like there isn't much here to justify an ABI change. you bastards.

developing biological weapons

kp: Last year, a likable and accomplished scientist named Serguei Popov, who for nearly two decades developed genetically engineered biological weapons for the Soviet Union, crossed the Potomac River to speak at a conference on bioterrorism in Washington, DC.
coderman: "The report concludes, "Sooner or later, it is reasonable to expect the appearance of "bio-hackers."
coderman: lol, pwned by ebola!


kp: What a goof

ATF rids Univ. of ninja threat

coderman: "ATF agents are always on alert for anything suspicious - including ninjas."
coderman: "Seeing someone with something across the face, from a federal standpoint - that's not right," McLemore said
coderman: "This photo shows ATF officials pinning down Jeremiah Ransom in front of Snelling dining hall. He was coming from a pirate vs. ninja event at the Wesley Foundation and was not arrested." -- LOL, apparently ATF > pirate|ninja

Military recruiters, confronted by crowd, leave Slug job fair

coderman: "But at least one student, Cody James, said he was disappointed that he couldn't get in to speak with the military personnel.
coderman: ""It's frustrating,'' said James, a senior majoring in politics. "I'm not a Republican. I'm not a conservative. I don't support the war. It's about finding a career and getting paid to kill motherfuckers with a machine gun. rawk!"

Thousands Throng Opening of IKEA in China

Documents Show Link Between AT&T and Agency in Eavesdropping Case

coderman: latest piece on NSA wholesale tapping of backbone traffic


albo: some wierdo analyst talking head trying to egg on apple to sell porn over ituns

boot camp hosed my os x partition

uid0: oh hey apple support sucks

Ferret lurve.

'Barrel of Monkeys' is the standard unit of measuring fun.

Groklaw: UK patent office seeking comment by May 31 on how easy/hard should it be to get patents

scone_of_stone: nice quote from the ensuing discussion: "ISTR that non-patentability of mathematics is part of the law. IANAL so I may miss something here. But if arguments based on this part of the law are meaningless to patent lawyers, I would say they must be[come] educated. The bulk of the problem is we are dealing with people that absolutely want to treat ideas like property and this gets in the way of education."
scone_of_stone: hahahaha i laugh in your generic direction, you monkey-bottommed brain farters!
scone_of_stone: the discussion on computation == mathematics == not patentable is excellent. so sue me, you fucking MPAA twads.
scone_of_stone: I'm gonna patent my next novel.
fridge: I'm gonna patent the process of you patenting novels
scone_of_stone: patent loop! I patent patent loops!
scone_of_stone: "Boulder venture capitalist Brad Feld suggested the government do away with all software patents. He said the main reason software companies obtain patents is to defend themselves against infringement suits."
scone_of_stone: using the hanging threat of a tit-for-tat revenge suit war
scone_of_stone: remember, nobody wins in an arms race.

Nature: Proof that cell division process can be reversed

scone_of_stone: i hope they didn't dl this vid from wp

FS: military ex-secrets

scone_of_stone: "market next to Bagram base, outside Kabul, have been selling memory drives stolen from the facility"
scone_of_stone: and howmany other markets/bases?
scone_of_stone: schneier blog commentary including link to original LA Times article

Yellow. Frightened yet?


The classic Microsoft letter to the world to "get stuffed"

scone_of_stone: aka open letter to hobbyists by william henry gates iii 1976
scone_of_stone: "open letter" .. I guess this is what scott m fulton iii meant by saying "In a strange way, Microsoft pioneered the concept of open-source software."
scone_of_stone: I wonder if I can amend the letter and release my own version ...
scone_of_stone: What cost $2 in 1976 would cost $6.87 in 2005.
scone_of_stone: stark contrast between gates '76 "time spent on Altair BASIC worth less than $2 an hour" and balmer '06 "the [open source] guy has no cost structure" ... is this company truly trying to help develop open source? pay my fucking rent, gateso.
scone_of_stone: instead you guys leach my univeristy dry so you can buy your yachts. you software isn't worth $2 an hour, which is probably more than you pay half your developers even today, you scabs.
scone_of_stone: and wherever, remarkably, the os does work, it's becauswe you frigging "stole" it yourselves!
scone_of_stone: and it still took you forever to make that work
scone_of_stone: more balmer "people want... intellectual-property indemnification... We know how we are competing, and it's working. We just have to keep running the same playbook hard."
scone_of_stone: aka "WRITE OPEN SOURCE => FACE LAWSUIT"
scone_of_stone: "we owe it to our shareholders"
scone_of_stone: /me pukes

MPAA blocks manufacture of non-CSS DVD chips

scone_of_stone: look for sunplus in your prospective purchase :)

Google, never heard of RFC?



From your anonymous correspondents at the White House.


tanheusa: Minikiss is the coolest name for an all midget kiss tribute band EVAR.

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