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Occam's RAZR || ninja > pirate || if any of you mofoz know of a sysadmin job for Ash tell him plz

Prisoner of Redmond

coderman: "There was a time when Paul Allen, not Bill Gates, was the boss at Microsoft. When it came time to visit Albuquerque to demonstrate that first BASIC interpreter to the folks at MITs, Allen made the trip, not Gates. It was Paul Allen, not Gates, who was later offered the job as head of software for MITs -- a job I have in the past characterized as the single most expensive position in the history of employment because accep
coderman: "During one of those last long nights working to deliver DOS 2.0 in early 1983, I am told that Paul Allen heard Gates and Ballmer discussing his health and talking about how to get his Microsoft shares back if Allen were to die." -- NICE EMPATHY THERE FUCKERS
coderman: "What do you do when your wealth is immense but completely tied to people whom you inherently do not trust? If you are Paul Allen you watch your tongue and spend eight years getting out from under that burden."


AT&T asks judge to order documents alleging wiretaps returned

coderman: <ATT> oh shit dude, you aren't supposed to have those schematics! this talk of passive fiber taps is VERBOTEN


piespy reimplemented in per, as an irssi script.


Kids today :)


uid0: $400/mo email service "for millionaires"

1000 HP Turbo-Booster/Rocket Engine Drag Axle from 60's



Rice up!

scone_of_stone: audio and transcript .. African culture imported to US with slavery

I, The People...

so they keep saying i'm insane to complain about the shotgun wedding and a stain on my shirt



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