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Platial - The Social Atlas

huslage: We just launched our new version.

Mesh plays Doom 3, alone, in the dark

rik: Mesh is a big girls blouse when playing Doom 3 in the light.
rik: watch the player camera shake when he gets scared :)

European regional burn



fridge: Mmmm... PIC & Dedicated IC mp3 player, just like the taiwanese used to (still do) make -- but at 4x the cost!
est: fridge has the wrong attitude
cryptomail: yeah, don't learn and shit, that's stupid





Why aren't the Democrats yammering on constantly about corruption at all levels in the Republican party?

Computer Games Based on Ray Tracing

scone_of_stone: "first prototype graphics board purely based on ray tracing"

.EU Landrush Fiasco

scone_of_stone: Images of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman rushing headlong
scone_of_stone: in slow motion, chariots of fire style to Vangelis soundtrack
scone_of_stone: I can see these domain squatters getting overturned, yeah. right. just like all the existing domain squatters are with the ICANN dispute resolution thing.
scone_of_stone: so where is the decentralised non-gameable alternative to DNS already?
scone_of_stone: I guess GoDaddy won't be lobbying for that one!
seti: mondi.eu!


scone_of_stone: about as underground as apple gets

Whistleblower outs NSA spy room at AT&T

seti: Klein's public statement
cgiirc: one of the nicest troll-kicking's I've seen, evar, (in like 1 trillions troll kickings so far) at bottom of page comment "I am amazed people are still shocked by this...guesswho9.9 on 04/09/06 10:52 GMT"

Platial 2.0


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