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Occam's RAZR || ninja > pirate


cgiirc: sponsored cgi::irc irc.oftc.net web client! :D

crazy bankrupt gaming console exec crashed Enzo Ferrari while working for the roll-your-own homeland security office San Gabriel Valley Transit Authority weeeeeeee!

cgiirc: " The San Gabriel Valley Transit Police Department is a California public benefit law enforcement agency" according to their google-cached webpage (YMMV)
cgiirc: provides both undercover and uniformed transit police officers for its Ride Along Program that is designed to afford both deterrence and physical security for passengers and SGVTA personnel alike.
cgiirc: you see, " SGVTA’s passengers are primarily handicapped, disabled, elderly and needy, which often tends to make them vulnerable to crime. Transit Police Officers’ first concern is for the safety of everyone making use of SGVTA transportation services."
cgiirc: LOL except their "police" hahaha!
cgiirc: "The detective division investigates all reported crime referred from Bus and Van operations as well as all other SGVTA properties."
cgiirc: hahaha and they have drug sniffer dogs! those must be useful!
cgiirc: "Paratransit services on their face would appear an unlikely vehicle for drug trafficking or the delivery of drug related contraband. Unfortunately, that makes SGVTA's operations a potential target for the ruthlessness of drug traffickers, since people wouldn't expect paratransit vehicles to be transporting illegal substances."
cgiirc: GW could learn a whole lot from these dudes!
cgiirc: If you need their drug trafficing intervention service, you can get in contact at "San Gabriel Valley Transit Police, 148 East Lemon Avenue, Monrovia, CA 91016-2808 · (626) 303-3505, The detective office phone number is: (626) 388-2133"
cgiirc: lol their ISP is ftcinternet .. not related to oftc.net I hope!

It looks like my spam filter is working.


Mac OS X and VPNs

Interview with the designer of the FedEx logo

seti: Refreshing in its mundanity (is that a word?).

NJoy--bulimian rhapsody


FOI Abu Ghraib pics

scone: your PC may be too slow for the high-res version .. or even the low res one
fridge: http://news.sbs.com.au/dateline/index.php?page=archive&daysum=2006-02-15
scone: SBS version is RealPlayer, might play better if .mp4 gives headaches
scone: or vice versa
seti: tracker down at the moment but could download the movie fine from a mirror.

IMDB query tool

scone: yay perl

Force10 24-port 10 GbE fixed configuration 1U switch

Ash: Ooh iSCSI SAN time!

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