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Cross platform Win32 and Linux virus.


scone: 10 out of 10 for style, minus several million for good thinking

Judas Iscariot actually a hero, the only one who understood Jesus

coderman: "In this gospel it turns out that Judas does turn Jesus over to the authorities, but according to this gospel, this is what Jesus wanted."
coderman: "In fact, Jesus entrusted Judas with a secret he did not reveal to any of his other disciples: That this world was not created by the one true God, but by a lesser, evil divinity as a place to entrap divine spirits." -- i hope he's not talking about thetans
scone: looks like Alexandra Library had offsite backups
scone: NIB

North Carolina man berates president at meeting

coderman: says what we've all been thinking (those of us who are thinking at least)
coderman: "Bush played to a mostly sympathetic college audience of more than 900 in Charlotte, North Carolina. But as he stood atop a stage in a town-hall format, one questioner launched into a scathing attack of the kind Bush has rarely faced at public events where attendance is often tightly controlled." -- oops, gotta fix that pre-speech screening
coderman: "You never stop talking about freedom, which I appreciate, but while I'm listening to you talk about freedom I see you assert your right to tap my telephone, to arrest me and hold me without charges," Harry Taylor told Bush to a chorus of boos.
scone: "to a chorus of boos"...
scone: I wonder if this was the same type of chorus of boos that accompanied Mike Moore's Oscar acceptance speech the other year in certain media coverage .. ie one drowned out by the chorus of cheering and clapping?

'Suicide Bomber' killed in Turkey

rik: Good headline there BBC.
rik: It goes on to mention that it was.. uh.. self inflicted.
rik: And they managed to injure 1 person, and kill noone else. Good shot there bomber!
vex: suicide bombings are so tired
Mutiny: what a fuck up
scone: injured party was accomplice
scone: both women


scone: "promissed me as much gold as i could eat..." ... a very naughty boy

Why Ruby On Rails will never rule the world.

huslage: I've heard these arguments a million times, every time they've been wrong.
huslage: They conclude that rails will fail for the same reasons that people concluded Perl, Python, Java and PHP would fail in the web programming space.
scone: I have neglected to read dozens of articles like this, and I am better for it.

Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road.

eBay item for the worldshortest crossover cable

Oliver: Funny questions and stuff welcome

Ali G on Drugs (Movie)

The Hidden Arrow in the FedEx logo

Project Higgins - Open Source Identity Management

Two-Legged Dog

Auditor / Whax is now BackTrack

kp: The current version (v.3.0) boasts a huge variety. of updated Security and Forensics tools, and a rich development environment.
scone: hacks, slices and dices, all in a single livecd

The Real Boot Camp Lesson: Moving Beyond the OS

coderman: "While much focus has been on Windows booting on Macs and the Microsoft Vista system running late, I've been watching the latest startup from Michael Robertson, who has been launching a series of applications under the AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) banner. So far he has AjaxWrite, AjaxSketch and Eyespot, which is video-editing software.
coderman: "Applications should work anywhere regardless of the underlying operating systems. Corporate applications should be able to carry their authentication and security characteristics with them to any system rather than being tied to one operating system."

O'Reilly on MySpace

huslage: O'Reilly concludes: myspace is teh evil
huslage: Danah Boyd is right. it's not


huslage: Cute Video..."He's Making Bags of Air"
kp: I want my 2min back



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