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If anyone cares: 'Gospel of Judas' Surfaces After 1,700 Years

Zerodhero: If anyone cares: Gospel of Judas' Surfaces After 1,700 Years


Zerodhero: Interesting article on the GF 3-some bet
Zerodhero: Read the comments towards the end of the page

Man takes howitzer to the nuts.

rovar: "Tags:Artillery,Groin"

Ethiopian villagers answer your questions

tanheusa: Q: I work for a charity called Spana and we have been working with the Practical Action group to deliver animal feed to the Mandera region of northern Kenya. This is because something like 70% of all livestock has died in the drought.
tanheusa: We have great problems convincing bigger aid agencies that preserving livelihood assets like goats, donkeys and camels is an important part of emergency relief. Can you tell me just how important they are to your lives so that we can make this argument stronger.
tanheusa: A:Adan Aliyo: Almost all the cattle are dead. It would have been better to provide cattle feed before the disaster.
tanheusa: The arbitrary self-limitations and internally conflicting logic displayed in this interview makes me feel less bad about Africans starving. It seems to be more their own fault than I had thought.

People With Body Integrity Identity Disorder Say They Can't Explain Strange Obsession

uid0: WHAT. THE. FUCK.


rik: Too much time on their hands.


rik: Super Mario, on two guitars. But Wait there's more! There's only one person playing.
rik: Unsurprinsgly, he's japanese.


Slashdot vs. Digg


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