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Zerodhero: This has to be a joke!


uid0: visit this guy's website so his girlfriend will have a 3some

Mac OS X 10.5 will use processor virtualisation to run multiple x86 operating systems without the need to re-boot.

seti: more Boot Camp press coverage.
Oliver: Teh s3x0r!!

Katana versus .50 machine gun.

rik: Katana holds up surprisingly well, considering.
rik: Still wouldnt' want to be the person holding it.
rik: Why yes, it does slice the third round in half IN FLIGHT.
seti: awesome.

Video of firing tests of RC/semi-autonomous helicopter with automatic shotgun

lemonodor: video of firing tests of RC/semi-autonomous helicopter w/automatic shotgun



click "Enlarge".

Apple will include technology in the next major release of Mac OS X, Leopard, that lets you install and run the Windows XP operating system on your Mac. Called Boot Camp (for now), you can download a public beta today

seti: "Macs use an ultra-modern industry standard technology called EFI to handle booting. Sadly, Windows XP, and even the upcoming Vista, are stuck in the 1980s with old-fashioned BIOS. But with Boot Camp, the Mac can operate smoothly in both centuries."

The Flying Spaghetti Monster is the Darwin fish of the `00s.

News supply exhausted. Please reload.

sonic_: ooh .. but "WiFi taking over world!"
sonic_: (at last!)
sonic_: (just don't hold it near your brain)
sonic_: evidence: New Orleans "Determined to keep the (ad-hoc) Wi-Fi network humming"
seti: ugh ad-hoc (assuming that's technology, not deployment strategy)... don't cisco want their suitcases with equipment back or something
sonic_: no, i meant deployment strategy .. deployed as an emergency post-national-fuckup-in-the-wake-of-hurricane-katrina-ad-hoc
sonic_: article with more balls
sonic_: more evidence (well ok it's pretty flimsy): WiMax and cheap PCs could expand geographical reach of internet access dramatically

IBM demos 1000 x 8-bit core CPU

sonic_: which runs at "less than a single Watt"
sonic_: giving 25GB ops/s ... whatever that is in bogomips
sonic_: making AMD's move later this year to 65nm fab seem kinda clunky and backward

Giant Swedish study on mobile phones vs brain tumours evaluates risk increase at 240%

sonic_: "...use handsfree," he told Reuters
sonic_: yes, the Jury is out, but don't you think by now they ought to have been able to rule out significant risk?
sonic_: not like they haven't been trying

<nature> well get stuffed then.

Scott McClellan: "Useful Tool"

Micropayment funding schemes that work

Phil "PGP" Zimmerman launches crypto VOIP phone software

Interview with Sweden's Pirate Party

Australian Govt offically launches totalitarian state

sonic_: spying "not only between the B-party and the suspect, but also between the B-party and anyone else."
sonic_: "b-party" is some non-suspect person who talked to a suspect
sonic_: eg, you for instance, if you read this.
sonic_: sucked in :D
sonic_: Now your grandmother as well. and your dog. and some guy you passed in the street last/next week
fridge: They got the idea from google invite's
sonic_: and bird flu.
sonic_: next bill renames ASIO to SARSIO
sonic_: or should it be AIDSIO
sonic_: (how embarrasing! .. oops I gave you ASIO!)

Umbrella org for OSS devs so they don't have to do paperwork to become non-profit orgs themselves

sonic_: translation: open source developers can now get tax-free-donation status without as many hassles, thanks to some friendly lawyers

Australian Fed Govt protects bosses from unions if they have a religious belief that disallows unions (as Christianity does allegedly)

sonic_: "because they come between the Biblically-based relationship of master and servant."

Australian Fed Govt blocks wind farm because it may kill 1 bird per year

sonic_: longer article with pretty pic and more info
sonic_: may have killed one orange-bellied parrot each year
sonic_: perhaps they could have cranked the budget from $200m to $201m and put some effort into increasing the parrot's numbers by > 1 bird/year to compensate?

Australia performs world first stem cell implant to human

Lack of fish cause of mental illness, depression

sonic_: "in countries where little seafood is eaten, the risks of depression are 50 TIMES higher than in countries where a great deal of seafood is consumed"


hunterp_: Using only Earth 2006 technology, a bright tightly focused light beam, such as a laser, can be ten thousand times as bright as its parent star for a brief instant. Such a beam could be easily observed from enormous distances.
hunterp_: the new 72'' optical telescope will begin a year round all-sky survey in search of alien light signals. Appropriately,
hunterp_: This new search apparatus performs one trillion measurements per second and expands by 100,000-fold the sky coverage of our previous optical search
Oliver: All this for... how many tax dollars?


Zerodhero: Get a free Cookie!


Banana Republicans


Downtown San Diego Condo Rave, Drinks,Sushi,Fashion&neg-am io financing

Mutiny: Or "Why San Diego is an awesome place to live but don't ever even dream about owning property here."
Mutiny: '"Hey, what's that in the window across the way?" Why, it's your very own "hot chick" neighbor! Staging has come to a whole new level. Not only is the model condo meticulously interior decorated, but the vacant condos outside your window are planted with imaginary neighbors! Look, she does calisthenics in scanty clothes while talking coyly on the cell phone to her girlfriends.'

Mysterious Boom head in Southern California

Mutiny: I heard this... I assumed it was a 1.8 earthquake that occured but USGS says it wasn't.

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