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Zerodhero: Bad timing in advertising


We Oregonians have a lot to learn about blowing shit up.

I love Ruby


The whole privacy movement seems to have fizzled.

coderman: "Back in the early 90's, when I was new to the 'net, I remember uncovering all these programs and concepts that gave me hope that people would be able to wander the internet truly anonymously. I discovered PGP, anon.penet.fi, the whole cypherpunk movement (crypto, remailers, etc.), anonymoizer.com, Chaum's eCash."
coderman: "Things were rough around the edges, and tough to use for a internet newbie, but progressing along fast enough that I thought we'd actually see Joe Sixpack able to easily utilize these tools. Someday."
coderman: who broke my privacy?


DEADBEEF: ".Holy mackrel...that.s funny! I had a similar feeling about you!. Rumsfeld giggled as he kissed the side of Cheney's mouth hysterically. Rumsfeld let his tongue go for Cheney's ear. "

And that concludes coderman spamming chump with obscure highly academic security shit... Thank you for tuning out.

The KeyKOSŪ Nanokernel Architecture


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