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Your lifestyle is one of the biggest factors in choosing how to live. || <coderman> lol, guys suck

How to (maybe) hack Thinkpad pw (with a little paid help)

simmo: related
simmo: aka think twice before enabling your thinkpad password!
simmo: contains " an unusual eeprom that contains a RFID (Radio Frequency ID) port for wireless access, and elaborate access protection mechanisms." wtf?!
simmo: The hard disk circuitry is lockable .. so far haven't found info on how this works or if its reversable
simmo: ".. notebook drives from IBM, Toshiba, Fujitsu, and Hitachi. They all take passwords. It must be part of the 2.5" drive standard."
simmo: I'm gonna test this .. sounds to me exactly like the bios encrypts the partition table of the disk
simmo: someone claims it's not .. guess i'd need an external 2/5" hdd cradle to check .. :p
simmo: archive.org has old info from the ja site
simmo: explanation here makes me think that the eeprom stores a copy of the hdd password specifically to facilitate password recovery
simmo: and unless IBM has had hw level encryption onboard on notebook hard drives since 1997, probably all that is encrypted is the partition table...
simmo: since seagate has just launched full-data-encryting hdd as a new product, I doubt ibm has done it for 8 yrs without anyone noticing
simmo: hdd pw is stored in an area inaccessible to the user .. but surely only if the device its in enforces this .. is this really part of the 2.5" hdd standard?
simmo: mailstream posting on similar


simmo: Hot. Damn hot.
simmo: temp: 33. temp with wind "chill": 37
simmo: looks like their temp detector gets some shade. the temp definitely hasn't gone down since 1.50pm
simmo: temp graph shows a sharp dropoff at the same time each day == temp sensor falling into shadow?
simmo: given its in the middle of the day...
simmo: like you care
simmo: ..maybe shift in wind direction .. the time is not exactly the same each day
simmo: still feels like fucking 39 here though

Guy Steele - Thoughts on Language Design

simmo: "It was back in Fall of 1971 that I began to write my first Lisp interpreter..."
simmo: "... The commas did work?but they looked really silly."

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