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You have new male.

The new technology at the root of the NSA wiretap scandal

coderman: "This last quote above, the one about TIA, is especially telling. TIA was a massive electronic intelligence gathering program designed to mechanically sift through phone calls, emails, and other electronic communications in order to build pictures of how individuals fit into larger networks."
coderman: "TIA became public in 2002, and Congress quickly put the kibosh on it. This is right about the time that Bush secretly signed the executive order authorizing the new NSA wiretap program. So, are TIA and the NSA wiretapping directive related? That probably depends on what you mean by "related." -- this means yes, to some degree
coderman: john poindexter: 1, american public: 0
coderman: way to go you fucking felon!!

Funny mobile phone advert (mpeg)

rik: Funny mobile phone advert.

Partial Ingredients for DNA and Protein Found Around Star

coderman: religious conservatives insist an "intelligent designer" placed them there when we weren't looking.
dopp: In rural Kansas, effigy of Charles Darwin stoned.

Our Domestic Intelligence Crisis

coderman: "The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act makes it difficult to conduct surveillance of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents unless they are suspected of being involved in terrorist or other hostile activities. That is too restrictive." -- FUCK YOU BUDDY!!!


Zerodhero: They just can't let a decent series die :(

A Miracle of Modern Science

Cracking WPA

seti: Articles on informit.com, part 1, Part 2

Public Enemy

seti: "Sinclair Lewis's 1935 novel 'It Can't Happen Here' envisioned an America in thrall to a homespun facist dictator. Newly reissued, it's as unsettling a read as ever."
seti: (bugmenot)


simmo: 2000+ suckas not getting an even break. i just joined them.
simmo: http://www.minidisc.org/NetMD_faq.html


Ash: this is handy


Best places to have public sex in San Diego

Broadband Firms Fight for Premium Treatment

coderman: "The coalition members said they recognize that communications carriers have a right to manage their networks to carry bandwidth-hungry video without interruption. "We don't want to take them out of [that] business," a source privately said, but added that carriers should not "pick and choose" who provides Internet video."
coderman: <TelcoSalesSleaze> ahhh, good day sir.. you wan't to watch video and makes calls? well that requires LOW LATENCY! oh yes, a wonderful a thing. we charge a nominal fee for this service. low latency service is charged by the tcp session and charged to your account. we offer a flat rate for stateless datagram priority service!! card number please..."
coderman: did i mention there is a charge involved?

Signals intelligence and human rights

for a good time google 'n3td3v'

coderman: [perhaps if forced to accept the incongruity of his own delusions he will disappear forevar!!!]

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