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Rovar: democratic judiciary begins to ask if its okay to ask if Mr. Bush should be impeached.

Coderman did a naughty

index of misc. agents and context

coderman: "was paid $53,000 by the FBI while receiving immunity from prosecution for participating in criminal activity." - dude1
coderman: i didn't think they could do that...

List of known FBI agents

coderman: i wonder where this came from?
coderman: "BARKER, Jerome Anders Sniper/observer" -- AVOID THIS GUY! :P

FBI hassling cryptome over japanese spies

coderman: "Yes, it is contradictory that Cryptome will publish the PSIA names but not those of the FBI Special Agents. The senior Special Agent said at the end of the conversation that if his and the other agent's names were published "you are going to be in real trouble."" -- FUCK 'EM JOHN!!! FUCK EM!!

weird egold issues at cryptome


Lettuce Help

Diebold Hack Hints at Wider Flaws

coderman: hahaha, and those fucking wingnuts were telling us the exit polls were flawed
coderman: gee, how do we detect vote tampering in those "less stable" countries? discrepancies between votes and exit polls. but here in amerikkka that's simply a mystery, not fraud
coderman: oh well, diebold and their CEO served it's purpose. They delivered Ohio to bush as promised.

Pentagon spying on anti-war groups

coderman: "A Pentagon document shows that the U.S. army is monitoring and collecting information on anti-war activists across the United States, NBC reported. According to NBC, the document says that the U.S. military is even monitoring Internet traffic."
Ash: ha ha coderman sux
Ash: well it's a good thing they're monitoring those commie interweb users
Oliver: To fit with George's best plans, this "intarwab" thing will now be referred to as the "warweb!"
coderman: yeah, indymedia should be executed for treason!

l.a. police find coderman's dynamite cache

Ash: alternatively: the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire
coderman: damnit, i was going to sell that on the black market to some terrorists.

OpenSSH cutting edge - 4.3 to have tunnel/tap support for true VPN connectivity

coderman: sweet; openvpn is nice but a bitch

The Human Side of Security

Tonus: "I would recommend ammending the SANS Top 20 to include the following: Humans"
Tonus: (...) "An example of a large-scale attack involved exploiting a flaw in the brain's music handling routine where thousands of people purchased David Hasselhof's album "Looking for the Best.""


simmo: The Unicode standard addresses the problem by defining a large number of characters that conforming applications should recognize as line terminators
simmo: "addresses" .. not "solves" :)
simmo: http://perldoc.perl.org/functions/binmode.html
simmo: damn these ebcdicers http://perldoc.perl.org/perlebcdic.html
simmo: http://perldoc.perl.org/perluniintro.html



nymlet: stupid workaround lame ass firewalls




Rovar: Yet another "first" dream of mine shot down.



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