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Quality art for the modern age

Loose Change - Alex Jones' 9/11 conspiracy movie

seti: easily debunked


^matthew: Remember drilling in the arctic wildlife refuge?
^matthew: Remember how it's pretty much the only thing in the past 5 years the democrats really put up a fight about in the past 6 years?
^matthew: and now the republicans are cheapshotting: Let's use it to fund katrina rebuild!
seti: calling bullshit on that - it won't start returning money from oil gains for a decade. a bit late for NOLA, is it not?


pleung: Computer decodes Mona Lisa's smile
pleung: From university of amsterdam, are u stone or somethign ...

While Rome Burns

Secure email service will be off-line in Christmas day, December 25, 12:00am to 4:00am Pacific Time

pleung: People do work during Christmas.


burtonator: Who's that RIAA guy that looks like Skeletor? I forget his name... well.. he's on this mo
burtonator: "most 9-10 year olds, experts in computers, can go riding up to the internet ..."



keyboard with digitally controllable key cap glyphs

Mutiny: I'd be surprised if you can ever buy this.
simmo: "patents pending". wtf for? LCD + keyboard => $$$?

Who The Fuck Is Ted Stevens?

seti: (Daily Show footage)

market economies

coderman: founded on the assumption that people are mostly rational in their economic decision making.
coderman: see also "rational anarchy" which makes similar assumptions about social decision making processes in homo sapiens
coderman: the "malicious peer" is a particular bane of both systems. fucking camping snipers!
eeeeeee: even i can't believe the efficient market hypothesis is economic orthodoxy
coderman: decentralization summaries my druthers; decentralize government and decentralize markets.
coderman: but our existing centralized systems and capitalist markets promoting greed as virtue have kind of poisened the potential for the requisite personal responsibility and virtue ethics required for significantly decentralized systems to function
eeeeeee: yeah..definitely need some social evolution to get there
coderman: i have a formal proof that shows cooperative, fully decentralized markets and governments are closer to a global optima while centralized, confrontational/competitive systems are mired in local maxima
coderman: but alas it is too long to fit into the margin of this chump
pleung: "In God We Trust", in general peope're good and rational

The Mess That Greenspan Made - in a completely nonsexual way, of course.

seti: <coderman> <greenspan> LOL!! DONGS!

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