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<pelung> vagin a fule of centapides!!1 || Ruby Snorting Rails


what a fucktard


and yes, thems is psilocyce cubensis.

simmo: holy freakin' shit!

codergod never lets the code work right until after you have perfected the debug logging

simmo: bastard.
simmo: <codergod> perfect the debug logging now, bitch.
simmo: <codergod> or I'm sending Eric Raymond
uid0: simmo needs a hobby
uid0: (other than adding titles and comments to chump)
simmo: i have one. writing software that doesn't work.
uid0: is it software that puts comments in chump?


Zerodhero: Giant Condom + Landmark

rudolph the red nosed reindeer ... another slice, anyone?

Zerodhero: THis is friggin sweet
Zerodhero: Who wants venician?
Zerodhero: http://images.ibsys.com/2005/1215/5540776.jpg

I have the power! dun dun dun... HeMan!

Ash's new business venture.

Roll your own gzip header

simmo: then use with like the deflate from the zlib perl module
simmo: but sadly you may find that it won't work, even though your gzip header matches one produced by real zlib .. cause the deflate output doesn't match. Oh, it matches zlib's spec .. but not gzips output.
simmo: "gunzip: stdin: invalid compressed data--format violated"
simmo: you can't ask the guys in #perl, because integral is an arsehat.
simmo: well I think it matches the zlib deflate spec .. hard to figure out with the bitmasks and all vs cross-arch bitorder that isn't part of the spec

Usefull Information: DON"T TRY THIS AT HOME

Can't roll jacket free bitches


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