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Previous CodeCon venue; prettier website for sure.

CodeCon5 venue

DragonFax: Thats a great idea! My tires just got slashed in front of that place tuesday night.

Official: Al-Zarqawi caught, released

huslage: Woops of the day.
seti: last year


^matthew: In a new twist to the case, Schaeuble reportedly told the interior committee of parliament that the United States had already offered al-Masri both an apology and financial compensation, on the proviso that the 42-year-old remain silent about his ordeal.




kp: Drug Enforcement Administration agents and two area police agencies raided 11 marijuana dispensaries in San Diego and two in San Marcos, questioning employees and customers and carting off documents. The agents also seized an unknown quantity of marijuana.
kp: No arrests were made. Authorities said the investigation was aimed at determining how much marijuana was being sold and who was supplying it.
Oliver: So, asking for the books wasn't a "good" idea?


kp: Lyle Craker, a horticulturist who heads the school's medicinal plant program, is challenging the government's 36-year-old monopoly on research marijuana. Craker's suit claims government-grown marijuana lacks the potency medical researchers need to make important breakthroughs.
kp: The government's marijuana just isn't strong enough," said Richard Doblin, a Craker supporter who heads the Massachusetts-based Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies.
kp: A lab at the University of Mississippi is the government's only marijuana-growing facility.
kp: "...a research professor who runs the Mississippi school's cultivation program for government agencies, including a 1,200-square-foot "growing room."
kp: I hope this cracker (Craker) can make an positive push

Owl discovered in Christmas tree found with marijuana in system

^matthew: They checked him out, fed him and named him Cheech.
Mutiny: Yeah, okay, the owl smoked a joint, right? Sure. They'll believe anything in Indiana.


Home defence, anyone?


I will kill all palmone developers.

Getting good random numbers. Is 17 random?

coderman: "Creating good random numbers is a hard problem, so hard that there isn't a library we can just use." - but there is a simple xstore x86 instruction you can use, which is quite handy.


Analyzing Worms and Network Traffic using Compression (PDF)

simmo: page 10 has a graph comparing compressibility of different traffic



pleung: ""

1996 high altitude launch

coderman: the guy who ran the rocketry store by my hs was involved in this shot. they got some hassling at the airport; can you imagine why? :)
coderman: "George Garboden and members of the Reaction Research Society built this 500lb rocket that launched a payload to above an estimated 80km (50mi)* on Nov. 23, 1996"
coderman: "First stage reached 27.4km and Mach 4.5" -- structural engineering of these things gets pretty difficult with forces of this degree
coderman: (that's 3,355 MPH / 5,399 kM/H)

Movie Company Files Federal Piracy Suit Against Local Area Man

coderman: "Paramount has looked at all four computers in Lee's home, alleging he had one of them cleaned to erase evidence. The company has filed a federal lawsuit against the Blue Ash man. But Lee claims that because his wireless connection was unsecured at the time, anyone could have parked near or in front of his home, tapped in and then driven off."

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