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i approve this message: tacos rule


lllllllll: Web 2.0 by Paul Graham
lllllllll: ""Does "Web 2.0" mean anything more than the name of a conference yet? I don't like to admit it, but it's starting to. When people say "Web 2.0" now, I have some idea what they mean. And the fact that I both despise the phrase and understand it is the surest proof that it has started to mean something.""


albo_: how to succeed as a republican,democrat or indepedant


Pleung sucks.

pleung: Is that greed or just big corporation goes after small family own business, hmmm.
uid0: shut up pleung


^matthew: Run through the ghetto blasting away various blacks and spics in an attempt to gain entrance to the subway system, where the jews have hidden to avoid the carnage.
^matthew: At the end, the player confronts the "end boss," a rocket launcher-wielding Ariel Sharon, who hurls insults such as: "Oy vey! Can you shoot no better than that?"; "We have destroyed your culture!"; and "We silenced Henry Ford." When Sharon dies, he coughs out "Filthy White dog, you have destroyed thousands of years of planning."

...fucking glowstickers.

This is what the ginger is for.


What Is To Be Done: A 10-Point Plan for Iraq

pleung: Don't need 10-Point Plan! Just move 10 steps backward and get the hell out

Funny, but it is true.

Masked gunmen capture Iraqi city

^matthew: Remember when masked gunmen used to capture hostages, 7-11s, the occasional police station? Now they're capturing whole cities.
fridge: They're rioting about they lack of Xbox 360's being shipped to Iraq

Yuan still pegged to the US dollar

simmo: "Using ... econometrics of structural change, Shah and his team have ruled out the possibility that China's currency regime is becoming more flexible with time."

The dark side of computing power

simmo: How Google battles its increasing power consumption .. by Urs Hölzle, vp ops @ Google
fridge: They should pour some of their brains into making perpetual energy machines


Wikipedia "flawed and irresponsible research tool". News at 11.

grrrrrrrr: get a clue
grrrrrrrr: why didn't he just mod the page, correct the errors, and flag the troll?
grrrrrrrr: or ask another wikipedia author to do that, if he was worried about his journalistic objectivity being questioned in editing an article about himself
grrrrrrrr: what's the discussion page for???
grrrrrrrr: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Seigenthaler_Sr.

ESCHALON, meet your big brother

grrrrrrrr: register: EU ministers approve biometric ID, fingerprint data sharing
grrrrrrrr: EUSCHALON

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