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KILL WHITEY'S BAKED GOODS SHOP INC. || < rabbi> uid0's tits are fine just the way they are.

Aligned Carbon nanotubes form a compressible layer

killer squirrels++


^matthew: Per-box key stored in CPU.
^matthew: Boot ROM stored in CPU.
^matthew: RAM checksums; extra RAM ... stored in CPU.
Oliver: CPU, stored in CPU :)
^matthew: Bat Utility Belt stored in CPU

You are now chatting with God....

Oliver: A sense of humor is required for this website, please ensure you packed yours today!


Useless Eaters: Disability as a Genocidal Marker in Nazi Germany

aminorex: Flash 7

Riders of the Purple Sage

Windows XP does not intentionally fragment files as was done by some earlier versions of Windows.

MSerella: this comment in Microsoft document
MSerella: put this together with the wierdness of the profoundly scientology-driven defrag program that (nearly?) got win2k banned in germany when it was uncovered ... ?


Ash: freaking choric


lemonodor: interactive fiction. you are a sysadmin.

Democracy Now: Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist Seymour Hersh on Where the Iraq War is Headed Next

simmo: mp3, rm etc with transcript
simmo: unless it's been deleted or lost
simmo: or isn't up yet or something
simmo: Jim Fallows Article from The Atlantic, mentioned by Hersch
simmo: taster only

Signaling Vulnerabilities in Wiretapping Systems

seti: FBI. 0wned.
seti: via
simmo: "Audio examples (in MP3 format) of this countermeasure can be found below."
simmo: WARNING: contains Hot Unmentionables 25%

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