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November 2005 cap-talk archive

coderman: nothing like a little heated discussion...

Youth management technology


^matthew: Franco Frattini, the union's top justice official, warned Monday that any E.U. country discovered to have hosted CIA prisons will face "serious consequences," including losing its E.U. voting rights.
seti: and rightly so
seti: Ironically, "serious consequences" is the wording of the UN's final threat against Iraq.

Intel to release lower power 64bit dual-core cpu

simmo: 65nm


simmo: where security is a joke
simmo: isn't. i meant isn't.

Hmmm .. just as I suspected.

simmo: dang. chump needs a 'pass this referrer' instruction with some javascript dohickey
simmo: or a cookie hack or something
simmo: cred
Ash: shut it
simmo: oh fuck
Oliver: sleepy

Anti-smoking drug may cut crystal meth craving.


More pussy than you can poke with the proverbial (and a monkey flat out!)

simmo: I have never seen a pussy in such high resolution

22C3 - 22nd Chaos Communication Congress, Dec 27-29, Berlin

seti: Programme - impressive already

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