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Zerodhero: >: )


Zerodhero: Prolly already been posted, but here it is again

People who can't buy stuff.

How To Write Unmaintainable Code

seti: Choice quote: "I think it was Oscar Wilde who observed that positions 47 and 115 of the Kama Sutra were the same except in 115 the woman had her fingers crossed."

Four amazing physics experiments explained


simmo: some guy tracking the DRM issue

Discussion on rotating OS X's display

simmo: C 1973
simmo: http://toastytech.com/guis/altosystem.jpg
simmo: XeroX Alto
simmo: the nazis had one of these in 1925, but they took it to the moon with them in their flying saucer
simmo: and it was ugly
simmo: but seriously, i expect to see guys in ape suits sitting at that chair. neat.
simmo: the chinese one froze and fell into a volcanoe during the last ice age

Ok, try this


seti: um. no. (yuck)

Finally, a solid win in the War On Drugs.

simmo: oh, we finally got some?

Sun's ZFS 128-bit super-dooper-look-ma-no-partitions filesystem -- weeeeeeeee!

simmo: be the envy of other major world governments
simmo: source code available
Ash: old news sheesh
simmo: ricer.

FACT. Fact fact fact fact fact fact fact fact opinion. opinion. opinion opinion opinion opinion opinion opinion. insult. defamatory comment. expletive! redacted text. comment opinion insult fact fact fact.

simmo: a short interpretive dance based on this blog
simmo: and many others just like it
simmo: http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20051121-5605.html this one, i meant
Mutiny_: And... SCENE

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