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"I'm President George W. Bush, and I approved this message: Tacos rule!" || so speaketh the oracle at broccoli


fridge: Crop circles - 2005 edition

Pontiac Torrent

wmf: but to get good mileage you have share it with your friends; what a pain

Internet Sentience Check

Dymaxion Artifacts Maps

M-Audio Sonica Theater, 7.1 surround-sound USB device

seti: handy for e.g. PowerBook G4 12", which only has regular analog audio connectors.

movie of old noodles commercial


Zerodhero: ROTFLMAO
Zerodhero: It's so true, it will bring tears to your eyes

rugby fan who cut out his testicles with wire cutters to mark a Wales victory is at a loss to explain why

simmo: "It wasn't a bet but I said I'd cut my b*lls off if we won."
simmo: well that'ss why then. right there. i found the answer.


simmo: this is hardcore

64 vs 32??

simmo: diff -uar /usr/include/asm-ia64 /usr/include/asm-x86_64



Evolents VerticleMouse

Mutiny_: I used one of these before and it felt so nice. Mine arrives Monday and I'm going to start using it full time.
Mutiny_: "Without driver software, however, you can only use two buttons in OS X and one in OS 9. To program the other buttons, you need to buy USB Overdrive ($20, www.usboverdrive.com)."

Sdition. Just shut the fuck up.

simmo: story

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