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^matthew: South Korea on Friday revealed plans to withdraw about a third of its 3,200 troops from Iraq, an embarrassing diplomatic blow to President George W. Bush only a day after he thanked Roh Moo-hyun, his South Korean counterpart, for helping “democracy flourish” in the Middle East.

Patriot Act renewal efforts stalled

UN. orders Guantanamo abuse inquiry


uid0: i can't see this so i don't know what it is. but i think it is this week's southpark. maybe.

New from Sony BMG! Hello RootKitty!

Girl in hot water after selling mother's camcorder

Coup d'Etat - a practical hbk, a. Edward Luttwak

aminorex: This is how we got where we are.

ssh l/p dopewars/dopewars

FAAAARRRK! erm.. FAAC found in Sony Rootkit too


simmo: links to top stories from just about every major web site

Make your own TOYNBEE IDEA asphalt tiles

Ash: this means you, matthew


^matthew: Yes, it's dirty too.


^matthew: yes it's dirty

EPA proposes to limit testing of pesticides on children to the handicapped and foreigners

cryptomail: WACKY!


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