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in which the market value of a congressman is documented


FBI PSTN tap box patent filed 3/2003


seti: "Click and hold the red square. Now, move it so that you neither touch the walls nor get hit by any of the blue blocks"
seti: This productivity killer lasted all of 23 seconds for me.


Oliver: Sony do the licence and law breaker combo with thier XCP DRM, violating LGPL, GPL, DMCA, EUCD


Tonus: Fake. Not by John Cleese according to snopes.com.



The border of Macau with mainland China

seti: Apparently they drive on the left in Macau and on the right in China... hilarity ensues


simmo: Oh man I can be the uber geek

Samuel L. Jackson for President

wmf: "Samuel L. Jackson + Nuclear weapons = World Peace"
wmf: I can see it now: "Does the United States of America look like a bitch?"


simmo: tip: if you want people to read your book, do not call it 'the most important book of the decade' .. even through someone else's mouth

Weather Underground .. not the terrorist movement, just the weather

simmo: some place

Weather Underground .. not the terrorist movement, just the weather

simmo: some other place

Data recovery for flash USB sticks



simmo: Tunes "Operating System survey"


simmo: pronounced 'ozone'

February 2004: BSD/OSX safest, Linux dodgiest, according to survey

simmo: according to dodgey organisation
simmo: "The group discounted the recent wave of worms, viruses and other attacks that have affected Windows systems worldwide. It confined the study to overt digital attacks by hackers."
simmo: even so, that's a big gap between BSD and linux


"tinydisk": like gmailfs but for tinyurl

using OSS saved Thailand US$45 million in 2003

seti: s/OSS/illegal copies of Windows/
simmo: "We found that the key to open-source adoption is for the organization to declare such documents as the official standard"
simmo: $250 computer runs linux etc
simmo: OSS move "pushed Microsoft to remain competitively priced by drastically reducing the price of its software products in Thailand"
simmo: cf $100 laptop with crank handle from mit media lab

Plea from a Simple Vietnamese by Nguyen Kha Pham Thanh Chuong

A bunch of mostly 'free' codecs

simmo: not sure if their definition of 'free' is valid in any particular time/place
simmo: for example, a MPEG1/2 codec with a GPL license ... ?

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