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Thank god this internet thing is just a fad.


aminorex: Rumsfeld, Tamiflu, Swine Flu and Aspartame
Mutiny_: And you know the worst part? If there were any deaths that result from this type of legislation the administration would still come out smelling like a fresh spring breeze blowing through a rose garden.

<groan> Sony CD First4Internet XCP Uninstallation ActiveX Control Vulnerability

simmo: UNinstallation
simmo: arbitrary remote code run as administrator
simmo: <sony> wanna job?


picture of a tourist on top of the wtc!!! omg!


Only in Holland...

Tonus: "The Dutch animal protection agency said Tuesday it is investigating the shooting death of a sparrow that knocked over 23,000 dominoes during an attempt to set a world record."
Tonus: "A Dutch website called Geenstijl offered a $1,200 reward for anybody who knocks over the dominoes ahead of time to avenge the bird."

chump is hitler

It now appears that at least 568,200 nameservers have witnessed DNS queries related to the rootkit. (click for maps)

simmo: rootkit does not even seem to be correct in terms of copyright law
simmo: heh may be forced to release the libs under LGPL since they seem to infringe LAME

HOWTO do Linux kernel development


9-11 hijackers: where are they now?

Mutiny_: Answer: SUNNY CANCUN!
^matthew: Two of the Sept. 11 hijackers who lived in San Diego in 2000 rented a room from a man who reportedly worked as an undercover FBI informant....the FBI informant prayed with them and even helped one open a bank account.
^matthew: Good job FBI.

Life imitates satire

y00bles: "We do not rule out that Mr. Cohen is serving someone's political order designed to present Kazakhstan and its people in a derogatory way," ministry spokesman Yerzham Ashykbayev told reporters.

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