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Hey coderman check this out

<Torvalds> Please fork my kernel


fridge: What does this mean for the common man?!

Coderman's costume for Portland Comiccon '05

Ash: please don't laugh, he worked very hard on it
Ash: (and is apparently not afraid)

Bush has appointed a sadistic child molester as an ambassador

seti: This is absolutely horrible.
simmo: should i click?
seti: nothing graphic, "just" words.
simmo: yeah, but the click police ...
simmo: "just waiting for David Ick to come along and do his little disinfo gig"
Ash: simmo, they didn't appoint you geez
simmo: link to this article is kinda buried, so ...
simmo: Oh great .. this guy was the Ambassador to Australia.
simmo: maybe Bush thought he'd suit Italy as well since Australia and Italy are neighbours, right?
translocatedfetus: so...oversee torturing terrorist suspects in the war on terror, Bush suggests military trial; oversee torturing innocent teenagers in the war on drugs, Bush suggests nice house in Italy.
simmo: Get your war on drugs
sembler: o/' I was round in St Petersburg ... when I saw it was time for a change .. o/'
simmo: "a second Ambassadorship from the second Bush president"
simmo: These kind of people get so much money from the government .. lucky they have no fucking clue or they would be even more dangerous

Get your war on trial

simmo: "If they come for the innocent without stepping over your body, cursed be your religion and your life"

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