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yeah, yeah, and maybe i'm a chinese jet pilot and i require 2 papa johns pizzas an hour to operate

Info on the thrust by the Right in Australia

jobbler: sedition, "work choices" aka IR laws reform, terrorism
jobbler: Victorian Premier Bracks is to address the expected 100k protesters in Melbourne this morning
jobbler: "Building workers will take a big risk if they participate, facing $22,000 fines under new construction industry laws."
jobbler: supposedly this will be the biggest blah blah blah in Australia's history
jobbler: which means it would be bigger than the 2003 anti-war protests so there.
jobbler: the secret draft legislation posted by the ACT Chief Minister Dude
jobbler: ACT Chief Minister Dude has also posted a bunch of critiques of the so-called "proposed" terror legislation by important law people
jobbler: other state ministers have expressed similar doubts but I can't be bothered looking them up
jobbler: meanwhile in other news, Prime Minister John Howard was called a notorious fuckwit by anonymous internet moron, "jobbler"
jobbler: over to you, Janet
jobbler: ... from Keeling in the West, to the Coral Sea in the east, there has descended an iron curtain...
jobbler: If it quacks like a dictator, and walks like a dictator, shoot it.
jobbler: Ooops. .. the reichstag



coderman: "Female arousal was not linked to orientation, but rather followed what researchers call a "bisexual arousal pattern." Straight and lesbian women were just as aroused watching males as by watching females."
coderman: ""Since most women seem capable of sexual arousal to both sexes, why do they choose one or the other? Probably for reasons other than sexual arousal." - MALES ARE SCREWED
coderman: lol


Oliver: Turn off teh lazar if it gonna break, clever

Info on the terror-law situation in Australia

simmo: and the 94% of Aussies who think it's time for a Royal Commision into "Mandatory Detention"
simmo: newspaper polls aren't worth the paper they're written on .. but even there, 94% has to mean something
simmo: meanwhile (anti-) Industrial Relations laws are being crammed through .. currently being challenged by the State governments
simmo: Thanks, everyone who voted to give Howard power in both houses.
simmo: http://www.google.com.au/search?q=ir laws australia
simmo: Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of a Registered Union? ... received my AWA offer in the mail last week... "Work Choices" .. choose union? I chose not to choose Union .. I chose something else .. being fcked up the arse by bosses day after day week after week year after fing year ...

The Underground History of American Education

177 if item in [ x.item for x in self.database.values() ] and item is not "blurb":

simmo: it might be faster to test for blurbness before looking up db


simmo: whoever runs chump, yesterday's log is showing up truncated right now
simmo: only first entry visible
seti: will be updated at 3AM

Idiot America

seti: polemics++
seti: Choice quote: "A ``politically savvy challenge to evolution'' is as self-evidently ridiculous as an agriculturally savvy challenge to Euclidean geometry would be."

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