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Sonar Axe theremin-guitar hybrid

Roy Orbison In Clingfilm

Mutiny: Hooo man WHAT?

MS v Sony re rootkit

SAP slams open source 'socialism'

coderman: ''Intellectual property socialism is the worst that can happen to any IP-based society,' says a SAP executive. "We all talk about how great Linux is," Agassi reportedly said. "But if you look at the most innovative desktop today, Microsoft's Vista is not copying Linux, it is copying Apple."
Mutiny: Windows has copied Apple since forever. That's what they DO. That's their THING.
coderman: when Ballmer spoke at an internal product launch earlier this week he stated: 'I'M GOING TO FUCKING KILL LINUX; TORVALDS IS A FUCKING PUSSY; I'VE DONE IT ONCE AND I'LL DO IT AGAIN! RAWRRR!"
Mutiny: And to tell you the truth, if Ballmer had threatened to kill me, personally, I'd be fucking hiding.
coderman: A similar incident directed at Google's Eric Schmidt prompted him to hire Blackwater security services for personal protection and issue the following statement: 'i may be a fucking pussy but i'm not an idiot.'
simmo: Microsoft's vista is not copying Apple, it is copying BeOS of over five years ago. So that's gonna be about a ten year lag on innovation by the time the customers actually see it. If vista is ever released.
simmo: Now, that's innovative.
simmo: doh! hang on, this guy says in the same breathe that open source undermines innovation .. and that giant closed source monolith Microsoft is copying apple ...
simmo: QED.

Child Still for Sale on Craigslist?

Police "subdue" suspect who rams into state court house with a truck

coderman: where "subdue" is a synonym for "shoot repeatedly with handguns"
coderman: "SALEM, OR -- An armed man set fire to police cars Saturday, then ran from officers, fired shots at neighbors' homes, crashed a pickup into the Marion County Courthouse and held off authorities with gunfire for four hours, officials said. Police stormed the building, shooting and injuring the man to end the rampage."
coderman: "Kuhns said the episode began about 5:45 a.m., when Keizer police Officer Carrie Meier pulled into the department's parking lot ahead of her 6 a.m. shift. Kuhns said she saw a man pour liquid from a red plastic container onto patrol cars and private vehicles and ignite the liquid." -- HE HE HEH. FIRE, FIRE!! HEHEHE
coderman: "The man jumped into a car and sped off, Kuhns said. Meier, a 13-year veteran of the department, followed him in her own car while calling police dispatch on her cell phone."
coderman: "About a mile north of the police station, at the intersection of River Road and Lockhaven Drive, the man stopped at a traffic light, then moved forward slowly. Meier was behind him. Kuhns said she saw the man roll down his window and point a long-barreled gun at her car. He fired at least one shot, then disappeared."
coderman: "Kuhns said Meier drove over a curb into a convenience store parking lot to avoid the gunfire and was not injured." - YE HAW
coderman: "About 6:40 a.m., Salem police got a report of a white Ford pickup driving up the steps to the Marion County Courthouse. Police arrived to find the truck had crashed through the glass doors of the 1954 courthouse, spraying glass across the front porch area. The truck had come to rest 30 feet inside the building in the lobby near the metal detectors that deputies use to screen courthouse visitors." - BUT THEY DIDN"T GO OFF?
coderman: "Finally, a member of a police tactical team shot the man in a courthouse stairwell to end the standoff at 10:40 a.m., Rau said."
coderman: "When asked for his comments Millis replied: 'OH MY FUCKING GOT IT HURTS, HE SHOT ME IN THE FUCKING NUTS>>> OWWWWW"

Amen Brother and various other breaks often used in jungle/drum'n'bass music

seti: All from Jungle Breaks, which also features some "mystery" loops
seti: More verbiage on drum'n'bass samples origins
seti: Nice, slightly weird jungle track that uses the Amen sample



Tin-foil Hat Security paper.

rik: Linked from Bruce Schneier's blog.
rik: Rebuttal here
simmo: MIT => On the Effectiveness of Aluminium Foil Helmets: An Empirical Study
simmo: He calls us "a fringe community". huh.
simmo: several invalid assumptions in the intro -- that the potential spying should be attributed to the government, and that it is performed using satellites -- but reaches important conclusions re possible anti-efficacy of the helmets. Yet another conspiracy forms.
simmo: gotta love the bust

Advanced UNIX Programming First Edition


He's not retarded, he's EXTREME!

Ash: x00bles's h0mi3z suk
seti: Not safe for sanity.



simmo: LFS. Don't get involved. Fork. Steal their stuff and fork. Seriously, who makes an 'announce' mailing list archive PRIVATE?
simmo: HELLOOO?
fridge: They have terrible, terrible secrets.
simmo: If their other archives are private I'm not even gonna bother stealing their stuff. I'll read readmes instead


Bill O'Reilly invites Al-Qaeda to target San Francisco

simmo: this would not be allowed in Australia.
simmo: well, there's no san francisco out here for starters.
simmo: oh Bill O'Reilly. I thought Tom O'Reilly.
simmo: No, this would be fine. Conservative radio talk show hosts can say whatever the f*ck hate speech they like out here. And PMs.

New edition of the Bible

eeeeeee: Marc Rochkind on what's changed in UNIX over the last 20 years
seti: Advanced UNIX Programming
simmo: Second Edition

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