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Huslage is a nerd.


[09:08] * b00bles covers Ashwith love and napalm.

Debunking ID

idoru oils and acrylics paintings


simmo: sexiest fan pic I have seen in a long while, from all you need to know about fans and blowers
simmo: using formulae on that page and numbers here and here says i need to move in the vicinity of 0.01 cubic metres of air per second through my case
simmo: or 7.5 cfm
simmo: many case fans shift much more than this, but some of it goes into turbulence, and back pressure

Some guy's *Ultimate guide to CPUs (cooling and overclocking)*

simmo: liquid nitrogen: "used by professionals only for pure overclocking only". aha. what type of professionals would these be?

Thermal Conductivity of some common Materials

simmo: use to calculate overall thermal conductivity
simmo: for heat exchangers
simmo: aka Newton's law of cooling
simmo: Turns out the best heatsinks would be made of diamond sucka
simmo: the equations say my CPU will hit 6000k if I rely on air convective heat transfer, even if the case is made from aluminium
simmo: i think i may have calculated wrong, but it's prolly in the right ballpark
simmo: (for sealed case)
simmo: the equation shows that for a thin wall, it doesn't make much odds wtf you made the wall from
simmo: so you can keep your frigging aluminium case :)
simmo: in fact, i bet the equation shows that my very thin steel PC case is better at dissipating heat than you ultraexpensive dumbarse thick old aluminium case
simmo: thankyouverymuch
simmo: damn.
simmo: hmm .. redid the sums, it says I can prolly dump 50 => 100W sanely with a sealed case
simmo: or perhaps more realistically, 120W insanely, since that's what I have
simmo: I think I musta done the sums wrong again
simmo: the box would hit 60+ on a hot day
simmo: fan life is very short at 60+
simmo: damn.
seti: woosh
simmo: better figure out how much CFM I need given the case sanely dumping 50W, and airflow moving the other 70W
simmo: man. Tom's says at full tilt the CPU uses much more than the rated

Loch Ness Imposter T-shirts

Terror legislation: The 90 days battle

Ah, just what we need - more IP protection

rik doesn't care that much.

And now a word for First4Internet

simmo: somehow this makes what they did sound _good_

More free publicity for Microsoft (R) Windows (TM), Sony Multimegacorporation, and Big Media in General

simmo: continuing monotribe from SysInternals blogger
simmo: if anything, the uninstaller is scarier than the rootkit. who would suspect that ActiveX could be used to uninstall system software?
simmo: what the system facilitates is: Sony gets to track each and every customer who uninstalls the DRM
simmo: uh .. s/DRM/rootkit/
simmo: Sony must surely have had all this prepared in expectation of being found out
simmo: "Without obtaining consent from the user Sony's player informs Sony every time it plays a 'protected' CD"
simmo: Sony, right now I'm playing Rage Against the Machine and it's hardwired for permanent repeat until it melts
simmo: and it's a dud copy I stole from a bittorrent site that was ripped from GW Bush's personal collection last night
simmo: while his daughters watched naked
simmo: bbc coverage on lawsuits
Ash: for what it's worth, ActiveX controls are just normal windows programs. lots of companies use them to install software these days.
simmo: snort patch to detect Sony rootkit traffic
simmo: similar mac spyware is said to be used by Sony

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