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MC Hammer 230th Birthday Salute



uid0: sorry that was for matthew




cryptomail: Hentai...No, Literally really Hentai :)

France to deport rioters.

^matthew: Ya know, UK didn't let them in in the first place. That might have been brighter, in retrospect.



Fat loser kid forced to drink own urine snaps and beats classmate to death with pool cue

uid0: This whole story is just awesome
^matthew: Frankly, I don't think there are any losers here.
uid0: That dead kid, maybe
uid0: I mean, he was hanging out with this loser before he died
^matthew: No, he pretty much got what was coming to him.

CYC Public Presentation Tonight meeting in Austin Texas

logicmoo: Cyc user group
uid0: oh hey, no one cares. and logicmoo is annoying.


uid0: ZOMG evil spirits
uid0: If you do not click on this link, evil spirits will hurt you
^matthew: It's true! I initially refused to click on this link, but then evil spirits cut off three toes and then I clicked and it's all good now.
uid0: Did you get the toes back?
^matthew: Yes! Don't ask me how!
uid0: You want a toe? I can get you a toe...
^matthew: I have three going at the moment actually.



SO! They laugh at my BONER, will they?!


Zerodhero: Once again, Bling goes one step too far

Stevens v Kabushiki Kaisha Sony Computer Entertainment

simmo: some of the Court findings: "Mr Stevens, sold unauthorised copies of PlayStation games ... Mr Stevens was not sued for any acts on his part that might have constituted infringements of Sony copyright ... However, the PlayStation software contained access restrictions..."
simmo: "... Mr Stevens on three occasions sold and installed 'mod chips'..., Sony sought against Mr Stevens a declaration, damages, an injunction and civil relief under the civil remedies provision in s 116D. Sackville J held that the claims by Sony under Div 2A failed[17]. In the Full Court, Sony succeeded on the first of three issues, but not on the second or third[18]. However, Sony's success was sufficient to entitle it to substa
simmo: "Supplying, making and importing are excused if "for use" for a 'permitted purpose'."
simmo: "in the present case to fix upon one "purpose" and then bend the terms of the definition to that end risks "picking a winner" where the legislature has stayed its hand from doing so. In the selection of a sole or dominant "purpose", there is a risk of unintended consequences, particularly where, as here, the substratum of the legislation is constantly changing technologies."
simmo: ... so he apeals, right .. this is him appealing
simmo: wherein, it was determined or interpereted or something: "The use of Mr Stevens' mod chip in order to circumvent the protections provided by (a) the access code on a CD-ROM in which a PlayStation game is stored and (b) the boot ROM device contained within the PlayStation console cannot be said to be for the "purpose" of reproducing a computer game within the sense of s 31 of the Act. Any such reproduction will already have bee
simmo: and .. something like "The Sony device does not prevent infringement."
simmo: "The Sony device and devices like it prevent access only after any infringement has taken place."
simmo: and stuff like "it is important to avoid an overbroad construction which would extend the copyright monopoly rather than match it."
simmo: as well as the severity of the punishment indicated to the judge that the law written must be referring to some other item, not the Sony PlayStation cripple-ware chip
simmo: so he let the guy off
simmo: erm .. but I got confused, that was Sony appealing that he was let off on two of their complaints
simmo: and that was the reasoning why he got let off the first time
simmo: but anyway, on a later appeal by the defense, the original interpretation was resurrected
simmo: and everyone lived happily ever after ...
simmo: This is where it gets interesting
simmo: Sony go on to argue that because the PS limits the amount of the CD that is in RAM at any one time, that also makes it special*
simmo: This is probably because people so often argue "well it copies it into RAM so there's an infringement right there already" or something similar
simmo: and so, "his Honour held that temporary storage of a substantial part of the computer program did not entail reproduction of it in a "material form"".
simmo: think about that
simmo: "in some circumstances the electronic impulses stored in RAM are in material form" .. "not ... in all circumstances"
fridge: whoah... that's deep
simmo: "On the face of things, it might seem surprising that the reproduction in electronic or digital form of a computer program is not necessarily an infringement of copyright in the computer program. The scheme of the legislation, however, seems to be that reproducing a work in electronic or digital form infringes copyright, pursuant to ss 31(1)(a)(i) and 36(1) of [the Act], only if the form in which the work is reproduced is itse
simmo: /me wonders if compiled code can ordinarily be used to reproduce the copyrighted source code which produced it ...
simmo: and since not, if copies of binary compiled code can be infringements
simmo: the findings or whatever they are called in this bit hinge explore and discard arguments of 'may be' or 'possibly given such and such' and stick with what can ordinarily be done with the equipment in use
simmo: given that successful decompiling of source code into any semblance of the original material generally requires great skill ...
simmo: I only got less than half way through reading this .. apparently there is more interesting stuff


coderman: "Editor’s/initial author’s note: This is a difficult topic to understand and make accessible. It is thus perfect for the wiki format." - HAHAHAHA
coderman: who knew bird flu could be so hilarious? THE MSM DOESN'T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT BIRD FLU WIKI!

Suit targets Sony BMG anti-piracy technology - AKA SONY ROOT KIT

Mutiny: pwned by bad music
coderman: let this be a lesson to you! don't buy CD's, download free mp3's!

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