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The Minibosses. Punk band that cover nintendo tunes

Tribal girl wants to marry a cobra

easter egg with Yoda on the latest Star Wars DVD

b0at: Needs interactive shotgun.
seti: what doesn't?


kp^work: The Free Software Foundation is just weeks away from announcing the roadmap and process that will govern the release of the first draft of the rewritten GNU General Public License.


rik: location unknown
b0at: Because pissing in a sink isn't enough of a rise.
kp^work: i've never pissed in a cone b4

SATA officials dispel SATA-II 3GB myths

simmo: some devices only support 1.5GB/s
simmo: I still don't see bus CRC on that list ...
simmo: I guess that's why you're meant to use SATA RAID...
simmo: damn. now i can only afford scsi again
simmo: also why each drive gets it's own cable
simmo: oh .. the ibm page says it has CRC


simmo: GPL rendezvous-like protocol

Patterns in threaded mail


simmo: man is this site slow

Computerworld: holographic disk media to hit market next yr

simmo: it's not like you can see things in the disc with your naked eyes, it's just some new MO technology
simmo: "can be kept for decades without deterioration of data" ... where have I heard that before... ?
simmo: guys, we'll let you know in a few decades whether they can be kept for decades or not
seti: CD's which are pressed, perhaps, and as far as I know that still holds true, with the exception of damaged discs
simmo: it holds true except for the ones that didn't last that long
seti: touche'.
simmo: what's a few missing bits between friends ;)


simmo: 'green' motherboard for 150W chip

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