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Even Mexico handled its hurricane better than we did.


Oliver: Mac hackers do something completely useless, again
Ash: please, do this to your ipod
Ash: instructions

VeriSign has dropped all its lawsuits against internet overseeing organisation ICANN, agreed to hand over ownership of the root zone, and in return been awarded control of all dotcoms until 2012.

Ash: Why isn't there some sort of disruptive anarchic replacement for DNS yet? This shit is getting old
^matthew: see also: ICANN and Verisign smoke pipe of net peace
seti: And in 2012 the contract will be renewed. No renegotiations needed. Thank you so much, ICANN...
rik: The year is 2012. The contract will be renewed. You have no time to make your peace. SOMBODY SET UP US THE DOTCOM.
Ash: <VeriSign> GOOGLE IS MINE


US blows $1 mil on 7 lemon cars in Iraq


Zerodhero: I wish we could all do that
seti: do what - misspell "you're" like this? please no...


OpenOffice 2.0 Has Its Eye on Microsoft

kp^work: OpenOffice.org has officially rolled out the second version of its open-source productivity suite, and its backers are hoping that new features and support from government agencies will give the application the boost it needs to take on Microsoft Office

"Trading Places"


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