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All Your Base Rhapsody

wmf: via Boing Boing, natch
wmf: "what you say" "all your base" "what you say" "all your base"

Wi-Fi on the farm

kp^: HERMISTON, Oregon (AP) -- Parked alongside his onion fields, Bob Hale can prop open a laptop and read his e-mail or, with just a keystroke, check the moisture of his crops.

Is the inside of your PC like this?


VIA dual processor mini-itx - pls someone benchmark

simmo: price a little steep ...
simmo: this may be kinda slow, but burning 100W of power just to browse the web seems kinda wrong too
simmo: lots of RJ45 and no IEEE1394 seems kinda wierd
simmo: User manual p10 says it's ok to run without fan
simmo: no DVI
simmo: in use in server racks
simmo: OK, fuck this, it looks like I need a reserator
simmo: zalman have addressed some of the original reserator problems with reserator plus

Research: Germans prefer sex to praying

fridge: Who doesn't?!


simmo: erm bottom post
cryptomail: USA # 1, See?

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