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Study: Abstinence may lead to risky acts (March 2005)


Oliver: Its IP enabled too!

Cisco 7200 Router emulator (GPL'd).

new iPods don't rewind, fast-forward movies


A First Amendment *right* to speak anonymously.

seti: "... we must also weigh the fact that allowing a defamation plaintiff to unmask an anonymous defendant's identity through the judicial process is a crucial form of relief that if too easily obtained will chill the exercise of First Amendment rights to free speech."

To crush or knead (rubber, for example) into a pulp.

simmo: past participle
simmo: see also

Send in the Cavalry

seti: mostly on how the government fucked up Katrina emergency response and doesn't seem to be planning to change its ways much

Levitation using permanent magnets instead of superconductors or electromagnets

mandragor: see the howto

An Easy Way To Remember Pi

simmo: When oh when oh when is mozilla going to offer to download the media file, instead of the fictional plugin

Purse snatcher gets their come uppance.

Mutiny: Not sure if this is real, but damn funny.

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