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It's like a banana, bitch!

Hey. Miners need rice too...

Snake bursts after gobbling gator

rik: The Burmese python swallowed the gator WHOLE, while it was still alive. The gator clawed the python from the inside, bursting out of it halfway along. Keep that in mind when trying to figure out the picture.

Oh my God! A plane... with snakes on it?



^matthew: Porter Goss rejected a report by the CIA’s inspector-general that recommended an accountability board to examine the performance of intelligence officers assigned to combat Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda network before the attacks.
^matthew: So let's recap. Bad shit happened. CIA investigates. CIA finds self to blame. CIA recommends former head of CIA be called to answer for bad stuff happening. Current head of CIA decides to not pursue the matter.


uid0: wtf?
Rovar: cash and neuroses to spare.


uid0: this story. is awesome.
uid0: read it if you like awesomeness.
^matthew: Conclusion: awesome
Ash: A++++++++++++++++++ WOULD READ AGAIN

Woman kicked off plane for anti Bush T-shirt


b0at: "But I promise you", "research we found (and research later removed from the Internet)": 'trust us', followed by ample speculation and punctuation errors

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