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to the tune of "there once was a man from nantucket" || bong bong bong bong bong || make -j5


fridge: war declared against anti-war protestors by ex-war veterans

Seeking fair fight with a Republican...

International Male - the kind of clothes eeeeeee likes.

seti: Sorted by bestselling! Scary.

Internet Filtering in China in 2004-2005: A Country Study

seti: A chilling read

Google search for 'deviantart but not deviantart.com'

simmo: graph:
someman: graph2:

Google search for 'anything but deviantart'

simmo: 9,640,000,000 hits
simmo: mostly just technical shit

Giant Squid (on a hook)

GPL 3: You have nothing to lose but your chains

fridge: I like chains


someman: I give up. How do you install it?




uid0: hahahahahahahahaha



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