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The Night-Ops Gladius Flashlight

rik: On/Off. Momentary On/Off. Dimmer function. STROBE TO UPSET THE BRAIN.
rik: Light as a defenseive weapon.
rik: Spec sheet here
rik: bottom of page 4 on the spec sheet, on the right is an image of how to correctly use the Gladius as a defensive weapon.
pretender: There is no doubt about how to use friggin LASERS as defensive weapons. Someone sell those instead!
Mutiny: For all you wanna-be mercenaries with enough disposal income to drop $240 on a flashlight.



Frickin' 1Gbps laser beam

wmf: now watch as coderman tries to build a car-to-car caravan network out of these

Israeli spies in the Pentagon indicted

seti: This also featured on the metro pages of the NYT, as if this were local news!
Ash: israel is our friend! that's why they are spying on us!


"wifi compatible" cpu!

simmo: *Establishing a wireless connection may require additional hardware, software, or services
simmo: Intensely detailed info on turion vs duron

K8N-E Deluxe

simmo: vs A8N-SLI Premium?
simmo: One is double the price of the other (and more)
simmo: is there a practical difference?

Atheism on its way out

Defenestration in South America

seti: Zoom in on this

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