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Screech. His name was Screech.

Semantic web porn

These are not about Abu Graib - These are just standard war

You could abort every black baby in this country and your crime rate would go down

logicmoo: And have more virgins when you get to heaven

Unwire Portland Leaders At Personal Telco Meeting

coderman: just kidding, we are all friendly technologists here...
coderman: cough
coderman: "The footprint for Phase I, as outlined in the RFP, covers an area of about 1600 square blocks that are currently well served by broadband providers." - these established broadband providers threatened to cut network access to all portland government facilities if the city persued the free wireless proposal that was a precurser to this one
coderman: hence the reason you see him assert time and time again that no taxpayer money is going into this, and it will be primarily serving business interests



My TailRank Tattoo


Ash: vanilla darknet
coderman: napster, scalable, effective, totally centralized and screwed
coderman: gnutella, barely functional, fully decentralized, quickly superceeded
coderman: super peer nets, scalable, mostly effective, doomed to fail as their proprietary owners push too close to the legal boundaries between gnutella and napster
coderman: manually keyed crypted networks (waste, etc), cumbersome, hard to scale, living in an insecure windoze world. a proof of concept begging for rebirth
coderman: almost to the endgame
coderman: fully decentralized strongly encrypted darknets with reputation, intuitive initial/transitive introduction, seamlessly layered atop broadband, wireless, and dvd-r sneaker net.


Zerodhero: Once realdoll gets ahold of this, its all over

Bush twin finds work

^matthew: davef:
seti: gross.


Congress Abandons WikiConstitution

LazyWeb: Suggestions for Debian/Linux Hosting with Growth?

Headlines after anti-war rally in Washington, Sept 24

seti: About 100,000 people attended; three particular major news outlets carried stories based on the same AP article about it.
seti: CNN: "Huge rally against Iraq war"
seti: MSNBC: "Anti-war demonstrators stage day of protest - Tens of thousands rally in marathon day of song, remembrance"
seti: FOX "News" "Thousands protest Iraq war"
seti: Also priceless, the link in the FOX "News" story about counterprotests - which not even 500 people could be bothered to show up for, a fact handily omitted from their reporting.
b0at: The invitations were lost in the mail

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