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bye bye miss american pie, drove my chevy to the levee but the levee was poorly maintained

Think you're fast on the draw? Think you can beat this guy?

rik: This guy draws and shoots in 0.62 seconds.
rik: That's a beep to indicate when to draw, hearing and realising that's the beep, grabbing gun, drawing, aiming, and shooting. in just over half a second.

Flashlight that's waaaaaaaaaaay over-engineered.


sentry gun, built by geeks.

rik: i still have the urge to run round and round it, smacking it with a spanner.
rik: see also here

Hamas announced on Thursday that it will hold a three-day exhibition of all the weapons it produced and used against Israel in a five-year armed uprising.

burtonator: Open Source Hamas
^matthew: "The exhibition will show all kinds of guns, homemade rockets and roadside bombs that were used by Hamas militants to get Israeli occupation forces out of our territories,"


The NSA smart phone for voice and data



US and Iraqi governments have vastly overstated the number of foreign fighters in Iraq

^matthew: foreign fighters "only comprise only about 4 to 10 percent of the estimated 30,000 insurgents."

Water flows over New Orleans levee (Sept 23, 2005)

Law & Order: Artistic Intent


^matthew: Political unrest in Niger restricts our oil supply still further


If y'all haven't seen _Advent Children_ you need to.


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