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Are environmentalists to blame for the flooding problems in New Orleans? --Sean Hannity

On-Board TVs Let JetBlue Passengers Watch Disturbing News About Themselves

coderman: "Mastoon said the JetBlue employees kept passengers informed but that he heard worst-case scenarios from TV news reports. Realizing the risks, he started taking swigs from another passenger's vodka tonic."

Giant penis on it's way to destroy Texas

coderman: bush dubs this "Cock Wars" and proclaims victory as the biggest dick known to man, Dick Cheney, is on his side.

John Lennon was dismissed as a Communist threat to the US only because he was always stoned

coderman: dude, i tried to play this angle; even smoked bowls on my back deck watching the white surveillance van parked across the way at an extended stay america.
coderman: apparently if you actually do shit rather than sing lame music you are still capable of being a stoner threat. FUCK THE BEATLES. ok, that's all.

vanilla darth

Rita and Katrina Have Shut 23 Percent of U.S. Oil Refining Capacity

coderman: do i see $3.50 a gallon coming? I DO! I DO!
coderman: i laugh in the face of all you excursion and hummer drivers. HA HA
coderman: maybe that first fill to top over $100 will invoke the folly of your excess
uid0: $80 the other day, not even a full tank
uid0: then drove in circles for hours out of boredom over the weekend
coderman: <uid0> and then clubbed a few baby seals who were COMING RIGHT AT US!
Ash: $350/tank won't seem that bad once the dollar crashes and a sandwich costs $800 MegaDollars

w00t new ytcracker



cryptomail: This is not a joke

eat me


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