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constitutions are gay


Rumsfeld Seeks NATO Role in Afghanistan

^matthew: Rumsfeld apparently unaware of NATO's already significant role in Afghanistan

bush apologizes if you somehow got offended

Keyboard acoustic emanations are a great side channel attack for all password/passphrase keyed systems

coderman: another nail the password coffin
Ash_: so 5 minutes ago, coderman
Ash_: sheesh


Bush helps feed the people of NO

WASHINGTON, Sept 13 (Reuters) - President George W. Bush took responsibility on Tuesday for any failures in the federal government's response to Hurricane Katrina that struck two weeks ago and acknowledged the storm exposed deficiencies at all levels of government four years after the Sept. 11 attacks.

^matthew: So he'll be resigning this afternoon then? Because that's what "taking responsibility" means.
seti: it means "Stop bashing the incompetent idiots I appointed, I'm going to ignore y'all myself from now on"
seti: HTH HAND

xG technology: xMAX

coderman: "xG Technology intelligently pushes radio technology to its theoretical limits - far beyond that of third generation (3G) or even fourth generation (4G) technologies.xMax is a novel modulation and encoding technology that boosts the data rates of all wired and wireless communications. xMax is not a compression technique, but rather a synergistic mix of two well-established communication approaches that dramatically imp
coderman: "xG Flash Signaling is the micro power wideband signal used by xMax to convey information. xMax uses xG Flash Signaling to transmit wideband data at power levels well below the static noise found in the atmosphere. Because radio frequency (RF) receivers can only detect signals above the noise floor, xG Flash Signals are completely non-interfering to neighboring systems."
coderman: i'll believe this shit when i see it!




Questions: Did the Cypherpunks have their heyday and that's it?

coderman: yes.
^matthew: Had or not? Don't know. That's it? Yes. Dead and gone now.

This space intentionally left blank

coderman: rik still learning to operate chump


^matthew: My independent benchmarks confirm this diagnosis.


Zerodhero: Word 12 and its horrible interface


seti: you need a flickr account for this. (did anybody mention yet that `flickr' is pronounced exactly the same as the Dutch word for `gay')
Tonus: s/gay/faggot/

Acoustic Snooping on Typed Information

Tonus: Li Zhuang, Feng Zhou, and Doug Tygar have an interesting new paper showing that if you have an audio recording of somebody typing on an ordinary computer keyboard for fifteen minutes or so, you can figure out everything they typed.
uid0: does this work on non-qwerty keymaps?


Zerodhero: The answers to all questions can be found here


Zerodhero: WTF



Zerodhero: Legos, is there any end to their uses?


Zerodhero: If it was true, that would be friggin awesome


Zerodhero: Occasionaly I even have a soft spot for cute fuzzy animals
Zerodhero: At least the ones I don't consider edible


happy_broccoli: meeee!

Brown not even fired, he merely resigned

Zerodhero: And this didn't take long enough

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