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NO LOLLERBATING ON THE ROFFLE FLOPPER || http://tinyurl.com/72wbm

What makes people gay?




The Cell architecture

coderman: "Peak performance (single precision): > 256 GFlops, Peak performance (double precision): >26 GFlops, Total number of transistors: 234M"

"Have I entered an alternate sex-tech reality?"


simmo: sorry .. dog


simmo: get it here

Reiser4 Experiences

simmo: DaNutsInYoEye OWNS Dutch Boyd! Plus he'd do silly things like limp in every hand preflop with huge blinds
simmo: man someone could spend couple hundred grand in key strategic places and make linux rock
simmo: eg, evms has no reiser4 plugin yet



glastonberry: view using firefox
glastonberry: here's what it says for the others
glastonberry: thanks for coming
Zerodhero: Yay for microsoft striving for interoperability
glastonberry: yes, they made us a special page even :)


glastonbury: this one hilarious
glastonbury: /me pokes RMS in the ribs
glastonberry: meaning of testtriangle reference from last link
glastonberry: FSF: the key word here is WORK. how can something that is not a work be a derivative work?
glastonberry: copyright wrt computing should be thrown into a pit of slime and left to rot
glastonberry: when will all the lawyers just learn to fuck off?
glastonberry: laws represent the belief that one is enlightened, and can teach something once then not be bothered
glastonberry: /me argues for GPLed laws .. that ought to sort the lawyers out .. keep them busy for a while
glastonberry: and a smattering of BSD licensed ones
glastonberry: then ... a spanking

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