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.. and the midget shall be dressed like a clown || "time in lew" == holding it in so you shit only during working hours


Best. Tshirt. Ever.

Idle brain invites dementia

^matthew: "Use it or lose it" - momma was right all along.

Tome Sizemore pr0n review

uid0: Sizemore hops up (still fully clothed) and grabs a fluorescent green squirt gun from the coffee table. He shoots it at the camera and explains:
uid0: "This is sperm from when I was 15. Sperm from when I was…now I'm 39…sperm from when I was 15. It's really clear. See, I was untroubled. Heyyyy, here's my sperm from when I was 15! Take that!"
uid0: "Hey, LAPD, one more time I want to make this really clear: FUCK YOU. Not that I don't like you guys, but I just feel about you how you feel about me. You don't like me, I don't like you. You think I'm afraid of you? Wrong guy. Suck my fucking Detroit dick. I didn't hit that clickety-clack bitch, bag of bones fucking comin' out of her ass fucking whore. I didn't hit her. I shit on her…because she asked me to."


Militarized Police Storm Utah Rave, Beat Partygoers

Mutiny: "I think they're serious! They've got guns, man!"





Ever notice that Donald Rumsfeld sniffs and rubs his nose in every sound bite?

^matthew: Almost like ... a cokehead ...
cryptomail: nose rubbing is a psychological indicator of untruthfullness


The Pineal Gland, LSD and Seratonin

gentoo_riceborne: affects the oldest parts of the brain first (e.g. upper end of the spinal cord, medulla oblongata, cerebrum, pineal gland and hypothalamus region) then the bloodstream takes it forward into the immediate back brain (location of sight interpretation) up through the area of hearing, the cerebellum, other sense interpretive centers, and the motor areas


gentoo_riceborne: doesn't sound right


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