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In a FreeBSD jail, can you drop the soap? If you're dying, does it matter? :: DON'T BE #11

Fujitsu Unleashes 160 GB Mobile Hard Disk Drive

coderman: "The MHV2160BT is a 4200 RPM, 160 GB 2.5-inch Serial ATA (SATA) drive. Fujitsu said its newest hard disk family member offers low power consumption, increased capacity, high shock tolerance and quiet operation designed to accommodate users that are migrating from aging desktop systems to newer high-performance notebook computers"
coderman: mmmmm, they make PCI-X 12 port SATA RAID cards too.


Oil hits record on storm, gasoline supply

coderman: " U.S. crude settled at $67.32 a barrel, up $1.61, shortly after hitting $67.40, the highest level in 22 years of oil futures trade on the New York Mercantile Exchange."
coderman: getting closer to that world record inflation-adjusted $82 a barrel in 1980! w00t!

Things going great as Iraq pursues draft constituion. so close to victory!

coderman: or something...

Wiring the War Zone

seti: Lyan Crackey
seti: from cypherpunks list: "Ryan Lackey needs to star in an Ayman al-Zawahri produced video, making short-lived gurgling and whistling noises. Making a fast buck off an illegal war of aggression is a far cry from running a secure data repository on an oil platform." Who needs enemies with friends like that?
coderman: hey, friends who want to kill you are better than no friends at all! I AM SO ALONE sob
aminorex: Friends don't let friends participate in crimes against humanity.

Foetuses 'no pain up to 29 weeks'

coderman: "pain requires the conscious recognition of an unpleasant stimulus; foetuses would only have that capacity at 29 to 30 weeks gestation. A full-term pregnancy lasts around 40 weeks."
coderman: no guilt except for those murdering late term abortionists! ;)


lemonodor: best hotel ever.
lemonodor: "This suite represents the Brewery of the People of Laaf, a true Mecca for lovers of traditionally brewed beer. You will find a life-sized hop boiler with clever devices, such as beer taps that can be used to regulate the lighting in the room. The wardrobes are genuine distillation barrels"


lemonodor: "Once you've been in the MRI field for any length of time, you start hearing all of the various horror stories about things that have flown into a scanner." with pictures.



Bare-Faced Messiah: The True Story of L. Ron Hubbard







Teeth can be recalcified now using chewing gum


gentoo_riceborne: Windows Installation Customizer

Google's new IM service that they're announcing tomorrow


gentoo_riceborne: freakanomics
gentoo_riceborne: Steven Levitt, a professor of economics at Chicago University, explores the hidden side of everything: the similarities between gangs and corporations, links between crime and abortion, monkeys and money, parenting and test results.
gentoo_riceborne: more

Recent ssh brute force attacks on random boxes

gentoo_riceborne: see also md5 search engine for leet hacksaurs
gentoo_riceborne: see also NIST vulnerability database
coderman: " It was around May of 2005 that these attacks were first brought to light on the ?intrusions? mailing list at SANS" - uhhhh, may 2005? were you fucks born last year?

Using Semidefinite Programming to Minimize Polynomials

gentoo_riceborne: semi-implemented
gentoo_riceborne: half baked?
gentoo_riceborne: or half cocked?

NEOS Server for Optimization

coderman: does this run on the G5 or Power? :P~
coderman: i remember starting a project for the global optima genome state space search of terrestrial context via quantum non linear computation. and then the trip ended and i forgot what i was thinking.

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