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WTF doesnt KFC have watermelon. SHEEEEIIIIIIT

The laziest way to have sex.

How much of your favorite caffeinated drink would it take to kill you? Take this quick test and find out:

^matthew: It would take 187.69 cans of Red Bull to put me down.

Gonzo journalist takes final shot

Amsterdam #1!

kp: /me wants 2 goto amsterdam



Zerodhero: Watch the intro!
Zerodhero: The Founders Of Gospel Mimes

Praying Mantis makes a catch. A hummingbird.

rik: Non-gruesome photos.
rik: Strong little bastards too.

Florida sports fan sentenced to death

coderman: "A man who got angry with his wife because she wanted to cuddle after sex when what he really wanted to do was watch sports on television was sentenced to death for killing her with a claw hammer."
coderman: BITCH, IM GONNA WATCH THE FIGHT!!! RAAARGGG!!! splut crunch
burtonator: I'm usually against the death penalty but this guys needs to be removed from the gene pool.. and with a quickness
^matthew: fucking florida
coderman: he clobbered her 70 times, but seventy splut's don't fit on an IRC comment. :(


coderman: seriously, this reeks of the friendster "we have a policy we are not getting hacked" kind of ignorant hubris.

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